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intr.v. con·sent·ed, con·sent·ing, con·sents
1. To give assent, as to the proposal of another; agree: consent to medical treatment; consent to going on a business trip; consent to see someone on short notice. See Synonyms at assent.
2. Archaic To be of the same mind or opinion.
1. Acceptance or approval of what is planned or done by another; acquiescence. See Synonyms at permission.
2. Agreement as to opinion or a course of action: She was chosen by common consent to speak for the group.

[Middle English consenten, from Old French consentir, from Latin cōnsentīre : com-, com- + sentīre, to feel; see sent- in Indo-European roots.]

con·sent′er n.
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If this is correct, then consent requires the consenter to have certain thoughts (specifically, intentions).
Where one party had misrepresented an existing fact, courts have also refused to enforce the promise against the consenter who relied on the misrepresentation.
Rather than admit that the consent does not and could not justify the act, we denigrate the consent and, necessarily, the consenter as well.
30) These circumstances may include such factors as the youth of the consenter, lack of education, low intelligence, and lack of any advisement to the consenter of his constitutional rights.
39) Sixth, what happens when the police assume that a person's consent is "voluntary" or that the consenter had authority and then the court concludes otherwise?
To address this problem, De Wispelaere suggests that would-be donors name a "second consenter," perhaps a spouse or a family friend, who would function as a living advocate for fulfilling the donor's wishes.
Different norms apply as to when the activity may be consented to either by children themselves or a proxy consenter (Table III).
i) by the consenter and a witness, or (ii) if a consenter cannot sign for any reason, by 2 persons who witnessed the agreement to the donation by the consenter.
The consenter must be directed to and have full access to individuals qualified to answer all of their questions.
He also called for more cooperation in production of pomegranate and citrus consenter.