conservation of electricity

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Noun1.conservation of electricity - the principle that the total electric charge of a system remains constant despite changes inside the system
conservation - (physics) the maintenance of a certain quantities unchanged during chemical reactions or physical transformations
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Contract awarded for Conservation of electricity in elementary schools
BS Chowdhry, the Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering said there was no awareness of the importance of conservation of electricity and alleviation of waste.
One storey of the building would be opened by March next year, he said adding a solar system of 6 kilowatt would be installed in the building for conservation of electricity besides a 40 KV generator to deal with an urgency.
The activities for Green Week include a series of social, education and entertainment activities, including workshops, and presentations to raise awareness about the conservation of electricity and water.
There is no awareness among our youth about the need for conservation of electricity or fuel.
As a result, the conservation of electricity and water was the need of the hour.
The Award in 2011-2012 has yielded promising and remarkable results in the conservation of electricity and water.
In about two years there are going to be tough stipulations on the conservation of electricity and conservation of the environment.
This would result in huge conservation of electricity and lesser load on the cables," he added.
Naveed Qamar said a number of measures were being taken for conservation of electricity, which would help save 1000 MW to 1100 MW electricity.
In its pursuit towards the consolidation of the culture of good conservation of electricity and water as well as protecting natural resources against waste and loss, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched several conservation initiatives, events and activities.
to apply five projects aimed at the conservation of electricity and water, an

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