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v. con·served, con·serv·ing, con·serves
a. To protect from loss or harm; preserve: calls to conserve our national heritage in the face of bewildering change.
b. To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste: kept the thermostat lower to conserve energy.
2. To keep (a quantity) constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary changes.
3. To preserve (fruits) with sugar.
To economize: tried to conserve on fuel during the long winter.
n. (kŏn′sûrv′)
A jam made of fruits stewed in sugar.

[Middle English conserven, from Old French conserver, from Latin cōnservāre : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + servāre, to preserve; see ser- in Indo-European roots.]

con·serv′a·ble adj.
con·serv′er n.
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Ces stations climatiques, premieres du genre dans la wilaya d'El Tarf, ont egalement pour objectif [beaucoup moins que] d'assurer une activite economique viable sur le long terme, de respecter l'authenticite socioculturelle de ces regions ainsi que de conserver leurs atouts culturels [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-on encore ajoute.
Cette journee a permis au WAC de conserver son fauteuil de leader malgre le nul concede a domicile face a l'IRT (2-2).
Invitation to tender : Mise en place d~un nouveau systeme d~archivage historique selon les principes de la norme OAIS permettant de conserver les documents de toutes natures y compris numerique.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to serve as a highly efficient and effective method of maximizing solar energy, the Solar Conserver, has been developed by Michael Coleman of La Mesa, California.
Khartoum, 2 Mai (SUNA) - Le gouvernement a renouvele son rejet de l'insistance de l'administration americaine de conserver le Soudan dans sa liste des pays soutenant le terrorisme , a travers son rapport annuel publie le mercredi
Apres mure reflexion, les gouvernements polonais qui se sont succede au pouvoir au cours des vingt dernieres annees ont finalement decide de conserver le batiment, une oeuvre dont l'architecture est unique en Europe.
L'ex-informaticien du renseignement americain Edward Snowden, a l'origine de ces revelations, a demande l'asile politique dans 21 pays, dont la Russie, tout en restant apparemment determine a conserver sa liberte de parole "au service de l'interet public", a-t-il ecrit dans une lettre adressee au president equatorien Rafael Correa.
For a country such as Israel, where the streets and airwaves every summer are filled with campaigns urging its population to conserver water and winter rains are usually greeted with a sigh and the words well lets hope it fills up the Kinnneret Sea of Galilee , the implementation could be very important.
com so that electricity consumers can find out what kind of conserver they are and receive tips on how to move up to the next category.
Caroline Bendix, a freelance conserver who advises the National Trust on book conservation, will be at Cherryburn in Stocksfield, birthplace and home of artist, wood engraver and naturalist Thomas Bewick, on April 7, 8, 10 and 11.
Cook, former director of the British School of Archaeology at Athens, no less a figure than Plato "refers to Darius as the great law-giver of ancient Persia and thereby the conserver of its empire.
Jill Kerr, a natural science conserver at the museum, said: "The gorilla skeleton has been probably the most difficult thing to box up.