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1. Friendly or cooperative association, as between groups or organizations.
2. Ecology A subdivision of an association having one dominant species of plant.
3. A political arrangement in which various groups, such as ethnic or racial populations within a country or region, share power according to an agreed formula or mechanism.

con·so′ci·a′tion·al adj.


(kənˌsoʊ siˈeɪ ʃən, -ʃi-)

1. the act of uniting in association.
2. an association of churches or religious orders.
3. a climax community in which one species is dominant.
[1585–95; < Latin]


 a confederation of churches or religious bodies; an alliance or confederation.
Examples: consociation of acts of providence, 1645; of churches, 1646; of many of the worst acts, 1649; of good spirits, 1656; of tribes for plunder or defence, 1804.
References in classic literature ?
One was the artist Holgrave, who, in spite of his consociation with reformers, and his other queer and questionable traits, continued to hold an elevated place in Hepzibah's regard.
but a national initiative aimed at consociation," Hariri was quoted by the National News Agency as saying.
89v/ And the advantage of Consociation (p) makes the Communication of the good of (a) one to another more ready, facile and usefull, and by this meanes one Man is (b) as it were mortis'd into another and contiguated (29) by the comunication of offices and supplying of wants each of other; (c)
A consociation map unit (Pil) which encompassed the maximum surface of the area was selected from the existing detailed soil map (Table 1).
O'Leary, Iraq's Constitution of 2005: Liberal Consociation as
The people of Kashmir today are in a dilemma between consociation and coercion.
hierarchy, in effect, will be replaced by interdependence, and consociation would imply the existence of an organic core that meets the deeply felt biological needs for care, cooperation, security, and love.
8) The main difference between the two is that a 'corporate consociation accommodates groups according to ascriptive criteria, and rests on the assumption that group identities are fixed, and that groups are both internally homogeneous and externally bounded', while 'liberal .
Governing ethnic conflict; consociation identity, and the price of peace.
Indiscreetly spilling secrets of public moment and private minutiae into "the public ear," Hazlitt's "liberty to digress" is an integral element of his "familiar" style, and here it becomes a way to articulate a modern perception of abundance and complexity in forms of communication and consociation to transgressions of race, gender, and class.
Rather than attempting to transcend divisions, generate homogeneity or exclude extremes, consociation operates from a realistic recognition of society's fragmentation and an appreciation of its dominant discourses of nationalism, conflict and realism.