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 (kŏn′sŏl, kən-sŏl′)
often consols A government bond in Great Britain, originally issued in 1751, that pays perpetual interest and has no date of maturity. Also called bank annuity.

[Short for Consolidated Annuity.]


(ˈkɒnsɒl; kənˈsɒl)
(Banking & Finance) (usually plural) an irredeemable British government security carrying an annual interest rate of two and a half or four per cent. Also called: bank annuity
[short for consolidated stock]




A long-range radio aid to navigation, the emissions of which, by means of their radio frequency modulation characteristics, enable bearings to be determined.
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The release of the proceeds is conditioned upon the consummation of the separation on or prior 15 March 2018 from CONSOL Energy Inc, upon which, CONSOL Mining Corporation will redeem the notes in a special mandatory redemption at a price equal to 100% of the initial issue price of the notes, plus accrued and unpaid interest to, but excluding, the payment date of the special mandatory redemption.
Governor Tom Wolf supported legislation that sacrificed the constitutional rights of his constituents for Consols private gain, Coptis said.
Integrating KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology into our completion design is an example of how CONSOL Energy has achieved the completion efficiency that has allowed us to showcase three of the top ten dry Utica well results to-date across the industry, remarked Kirby Walker, Director of Regional Operations, CONSOL Energy.
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