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Adj.1.Consolidative - combining into a single unitconsolidative - combining into a single unit  
integrative - combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole
2.consolidative - tending to consolidate
centralising, centralizing - tending to draw to a central point
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The patient was treated with chemotherapy lasting over a 1-year period with an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Protocol and by consolidative radiation therapy to the right acetabulum and pubis.
2010), "Organizational stages and cultural phases: a critical review and a consolidative model of corporate social responsibility development", International Journal of Management Reviews, Vol.
98] Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in combination with EGFR inhibitors followed by consolidative surgical resection is of significant clinical interest; we await results of planned phase II prospective trials.
For each of the 30 selected specimens, reference immunohistochemistry scores on a scale of 0 to 300 were then defined systematically in a consolidative process between the 3 reference laboratory pathologists according to the following formula: EGFR immunohistochemistry score = 1 X (% cells staining weakly [1+]) + 2 x (% cells staining moderately [2+]) + 3 x (% cells staining strongly [3+]).
55 after completing the current consolidative price action.
The acquisition of Mosselprom is in line with Cherkizovo's development strategy, including both organic and consolidative growth.
1) CT scans may reveal bilateral or focal ground-glass or consolidative changes, as well as (less commonly) well-defined solitary or multiple nodules measuring up to 3 cm in diameter,8 which makes CT also poor at differentiating between PCP and CMV infection.
Sleep is thought to be restorative, conservative, adaptive, thermoregulatory and memory consolidative functions.
OPENING COMMENT The early session of trade on Wednesday has been largely consolidative with all major currencies mildly offered to flat against the buck.
In conclusion, the origin of the hypoxaemia in consolidative forms of bronchoalveolar carcinoma is possibly secondary to intrapulmonary shunt through dilated vessels with massive plasma leakage.
The most common appearance consists of bilateral, patchy, consolidative and ground-glass opacities, which are seen more often in the peripheral and lower lung regions.
Consolidative radiotherapy to the left lower hemithorax was administered after the completion of radiotherapy.