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v. con·sol·i·dat·ed, con·sol·i·dat·ing, con·sol·i·dates
1. To unite into one system or whole; combine: consolidated five separate agencies into a single department.
2. To make strong or secure; strengthen: She consolidated her power during her first year in office.
3. To make firm or coherent; form into a compact mass.
1. To become solidified or united.
2. To join in a merger or union: The two firms consolidated under a new name.

[Latin cōnsolidāre, cōnsolidāt- : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + solidāre, to make firm (from solidus, firm; see sol- in Indo-European roots).]

con·sol′i·da′tor n.


1. a person or thing that consolidates
2. (Commerce) a company that offers flight tickets for a variety of different airlines, usually at a reduced price
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Similarities in MSP and Thick Consolidator Models II-27
The industry leader in Air Consolidator fares and their Web-based booking engine has made it easier for Agents to search worldwide fares and eliminates the need to contact several air consolidators to get the best fare.
The multiple Group 1-winning son of Dubai Millennium will join 16 other stallions, including fellow first season sire Consolidator, who will also make the trip for the first time from Darley's Jonabell Stud, Kentucky.
Trainer Ron Ellis made the announcement a day after Don't Get Mad was assured a spot in the 20-horse Derby because of the withdrawal of injured Consolidator.
The consolidator model of online bill presentment and payment, the model that bankers have been rooting for, has shown agonizingly slow growth.
Raffle Benjamin, president and chief executive officer of ABRA, said no consolidator has reached a national business scale yet.
A consolidator, on the other hand, might sell to the public as well as to travel agencies.
Develops Online Identity Consolidator and Releases It as Open Source; Launches Developer Guide at opensocialgraph.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Huseyin Ozyurtcu, President and CEO of Picasso Travel, one of the largest air consolidators in North America, and Rainer Klee, President and CEO of AER Picasso LLC, a US subsidiary of AERTickets, the largest independent consolidator in Germany, announced today a joint 50 percent ownership agreement.
Wayne Lukas' binoculars, the ``real'' Consolidator showed up at Santa Anita on Saturday as the million-dollar colt broke two San Felipe Stakes records in a runaway victory.
In State Farm's Select Service plan, a policyholder can choose to have the car picked up by the consolidator from the accident scene and a rental car delivered.
the first online travel site to offer travelers real-time access to discounted consolidator airfares and one-of-a-kind deals direct from airlines, today announced a limited time offer that ensures busy executive travelers will score points with mom for Mother's Day while also giving them online access to deeply discounted airfares not generally offered on traditional Internet travel sites.