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 (kŏn′sə-mā′, kŏn′sə-mā′)
A clear soup made of strained meat or vegetable stock, served hot or as a cold jelly.

[French, from past participle of consommer, to use up, from Latin cōnsummāre, to finish; see consummate.]


(kənˈsɒmeɪ; ˈkɒnsɒˌmeɪ; French kɔ̃sɔme)
(Cookery) a clear soup made from meat or chicken stock
[C19: from French, from consommer to finish, use up, from Latin consummāre; so called because all the goodness of the meat goes into the liquid]


(ˌkɒn səˈmeɪ, ˈkɒn səˌmeɪ)

a clear soup made from rich stock.
[1805–15; < French, n. use of consommé, past participle of consommer to finish < Latin consummāre; see consummate]
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Noun1.consomme - clear soup usually of beef or veal or chickenconsomme - clear soup usually of beef or veal or chicken
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
madrilene - a tomato-flavored consomme; often served chilled


[ˈkənˌsɒmeɪ] Nconsomé m, caldo m


[kɒnˈsɒmeɪ ˈkɒnsɒmeɪ] nconsommé m


nKraftbrühe f, → Konsommee f (old)


[kɒnˈsɒmeɪ] n (Culin) → consommé m inv, brodo ristretto


n. consomé, caldo.
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Une etude a montre que ce produit qui vient principalement de la Chine et qui est fortement consomme par les consommateurs a l'echelle mondiale contenait d'importantes quantites de residus de pesticides.
Here's my recipe for Chicken Tinola Consomme, a clarified broth typical on French menus with the distinct flavor of tinolang manok.
A "MYSTERY starter" made from beef consomme, cream cheese and curry powder was one of Margaret Thatcher's go-to recipes, newly-released papers reveal.
Les militaires, cantonnes dans une caserne de la province de Manisa, avaient consomme un repas compose d'une soupe, de riz, de poulet et d'un yaourt, et des centaines d'entre eux ont duetreenvoyees a hopital, se plaignant de douleurs au ventre et de vertiges.
The individual soups themselves are truly impressive and range from Beef Consomme with Porcini Mushrooms; Italian Wedding Soup; Thai Meatball & Coconut Soup; Chicken Mulligatawny Soup; and Teriyaki Salmon Ramen; to Broccoli & Parsley Soup; Egyptian Aubergine & Tomato Soup; Arame & Tofu Soup; and Bloody Mary Party Soup.
En attendant, il faut preserver la production gaziere conventionnelle : le pays produit 83 milliards de metres cubes de gaz/an et en consomme 40 milliards, un niveau de consommation qui a augmente de 300% par rapport a l'an 2000 et avec une production de l'electricite tiree toujours a 99% du gaz naturel, ce qui represente [beaucoup moins que] un gros probleme [beaucoup plus grand que], estime l'expert.
5 hours Serves: 6 Yorkshire puddings 225ml milk 2 large eggs 125g plain flour 1tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil 1tsp salt Roast beef 2 tbsp vegetable oil or beef fat 1-11/2kg/2lb 4-3lb 5oz sirloin of beef joint 1 glass red wine 400g can beef consomme Roast potatoes 20 even-size potatoes 200g jar goose fat oil and heat in the oven for 5 mins, then lift out and pour the batter into the holes.
Forget pan bread and Heinz's finest ketchup, how about polenta crostini, lettuce puree and a little consomme caviar?
White sugar and fortified,children~s cereal box 200 grams,chocolate,boat consomme 908 grams,eggs unit 3 oz etc.
A lobster consomme with vegetable ravioli, our second course, was disappointing.
TO SERVE: In a bowl, arrange 4 dumplings in a circle and pour consomme over them.
It is a watery and flavourless consomme of nothingness" London Mayor Boris Johnson on Labour leader Ed Miliband's latest policy speech "If you are talking about making love, getting girls on the side, I had 10 times more before I was Bond than when I was Bond.