consonant system

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Noun1.consonant system - the system of consonants used in a particular language
phonemic system - the system of phonemes recognized in a language
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The topics include a diachronic account of aspiration in the Burmese phonological system, highlights in the decipherment of the Nam language, verbs of existence in Tangut and Mu-nya, features of the Tangut consonant system as reflected in Sanskrit-Tangut transliterations, and the origin of the headless script (dbu med) in Tibet.
Studies on the Development of the Consonant System.
In the fifth article in the book part on political and historical borders, Larissa Naiditch provides an overview of the consonant system in Mennonite Low German.
triliteralism), the Proto-Semitic consonant system, and the genetic classification of the Semitic languages.
And in the sample that we analyzed, gemination did not appear to be systematic: it seemed to be restricted to only a smallnumber of consonants rather than involving the whole consonant system.
Thus, the average number of features shared in all pairs of the English consonant system amounts to 0.