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n.1.The condition of a consort; fellowship; partnership.
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Behavioural aspects of the raccoon mating system: determinants of consortship success.
Having agreed to be God's people and to live in a godly fashion, Winthrop said little about government, except that providence had provided them with an opportunity 'to seek out a place of cohabitation and consortship under a due form of government both civil and ecclesiastical'.
21) In contrast, the marriage treaty consigned Philip to the private, domestic arena of the bedchamber to make his influence felt as king, as he endured a form of kingship that outwardly conformed to male dominant political theory but was in actuality a ceremonial form of male consortship mirroring the relationship between kings and queens consort.
For an additional 23 females, day of mating was inferred from observation of behavior (aboveground mating or below ground consortship with one or more males) or from vaginal cytology.
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