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Of or belonging to the same species.
An organism belonging to the same species as another.


(Biology) (of animals or plants) belonging to the same species


(ˌkɒn spɪˈsɪf ɪk)

1. belonging to the same species.
2. a conspecific organism.
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Noun1.conspecific - an organism belonging to the same species as another organism
organism, being - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
Adj.1.conspecific - belonging to the same species; "cultivated cabbage and wild cabbage are conspecific"
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Rufous-and-white Wrens Thryophilus rufalbus do not exhibit dear enemy effects towards conspecific or heterospecific competitors.
All centipedes were easily identified as conspecific based on coloration, though the smallest specimens were slightly brighter in coloration than the larger ones.
In their article, the authors note that Neanderthals had the genetic capability for language and engaged in conspecific care.
Further behavioral studies focusing on conspecific interactions would elucidate subtle differences and may provide greater insight to the reproductive behavior of A.
Insectivorous bats of the family Vespertilionidae were recently shown to carry viruses that are probably conspecific with MERS-CoV (9).
Preliminary phylogenetic analysis using ITS2 rDNA sequence data derived from infections in Alabama rivers indicated that cercarial and adult specimens collected from Terrapin Creek were conspecific, and that, given the genetic variation of sequence data, other putatively unnamed species of Proterometra range in Alabama.
Failure to suspend conspecific aggression during mobbing could result from nonadaptive failure to contextualize interactions or could be adaptive if conspecifics represent a strong threat in these situations.
Kin recognition is the biased treatment of conspecific individuals based on genetic relatedness (Schausberger, 2007).
We chose conspecific fighting as a putative US, because confrontation of adult male rats is known to evoke a series of aggressive behaviors (Grant & Mackintosh, 1963; Koolhaas, Schuuman, & Wiepkema, 1980; Miczek & De Boer, 2005).
Abstract--Study of the male genitalia shows that Dolichovespula albida (Sladen) is not conspecific with D.

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