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The quality of being conspicuous; obviousness.
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Both lamps feature Optronics new reflective conspicuity mounting flange.
The case studies included within "Increasing Motorcycle Conspicuity" cover phases of the design of conspicuity treatments and provide a broad spectrum of empirical strategies for assessing the interventions.
Using your landing/taxi lights for anti-collision purposes likely is going to increase your airplane's conspicuity more than a couple of measly strobes.
Fat-suppressed T2-weighted sequences such as short inversion time inversion-recovery (STIR) or frequency selective fat-saturated T2-weighted FSE may be used to increase the conspicuity of fluid-containing tracts or abscesses.
One, the lamps can realistically be considered lifetime purchases and since they can be turned on and left on, there's a payoff in conspicuity.
The resulting NTSB recommendations were lengthy, but included a recommendation to: "Evaluate and implement, as appropriate, suitable means for enhancing the conspicuity of aircraft on airport surfaces during night or periods of reduced visibility.
The results of the present study support our hypothesis that hypointensity of NIPT causes less lesion conspicuity and underestimation of the lesion size on fat-suppressed T2-weighted images, while this does not happen in cases of NPC.
Reduction of transaction costs, security and conspicuity can be some useful benefits of using a mobile based AES.
For example, risk factors associated with angle crashes (focus crash type) at unsignalized intersections (focus control type) along rural, two-lane roads (focus facility type) could include visibility on the approach to the intersection; conspicuity of the intersection; sight lines and distances between legs of the intersection; and presence, condition, types, and sizes of signs and pavement markings.
The primary uses of xenon lighting are to ensure visibility for the driver, improve vehicle conspicuity, and indicate the position and presence of other vehicles.
They can be displayed as quantitative gray-scale images or color overlay maps, both of which improve lesion conspicuity due to differences in iodine content between lesions and normal parenchyma (Figure 2).