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The quality of being conspicuous; obviousness.
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School buses are the safest way to transport children because of buses' design, large size, conspicuity, professional drivers and the passive protection afforded by the 1970s requirement of closely spaced, tall, padded seat backs -- known as compartmentalization.
Volvo's Life Paint is a great idea and a fun way to help vulnerable road users improve their conspicuity and help them stay safe.
Besides this, these lights also increase the conspicuity of the vehicle.
Lighting conditions in reading rooms affect image contrast and lesion conspicuity.
Researchers who focus on the impact of human factors on errors point to four factors: capacity, conspicuity, expectation, and mental workload.
PVL UK Ltd - West Sussex based manufacturer of specialist, high conspicuity markings and vehicle livery for the emergency services and major highway contractors.
If the Sao Paulo Lebanese community is known for its conspicuity and clout, some Lebanese in Rio are proud to blend into the cultural medley of their city.
Second, the model calculates sign luminance at a range of distances between the driver and sign, with the consideration of the drivers' detection distance and sign conspicuity relationship at a stationary condition rather than from the legibility perspective at driving status.
Importantly, however, conspicuity is apparently not sufficient to cause higher rates of yielding behavior.
Traffic Control Device Conspicuity (Report) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-13-044
GRE and SWI imaging in improving the conspicuity of demyelinating plaques in the cortex of patients with multiple sclerosis.