A conspiracist.
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I'm not a tinfoil hat conspiratorialist, but you wonder sometimes if maybe there's something very evil happening here.
Singh chooses, however, to paint Farrakhan as a purely self-interested political leader and conspiratorialist, and as a result, his attention to the Minister's religious beliefs is not as thoughtful or convincing as it might be.
He said, "It's clearly fodder for conspiratorialists," a reference to bloggers who speculated that Ahmadi-nejad, Gates and Karzai were coming together to seal a three-way deal.
Before leaving he described the timing of the Iranian leader s visit as "clearly fodder for all conspiratorialists.
It did so with style, sometimes sympathetic to but distinctly separate from the yahoos of the John Birch Society or the bizarre conspiratorialists of the Liberty League.
Against the right-wing conspiratorialists, no, Stalin did not order or direct the invasion; no, there was no masterminding from a worldwide HQ in Moscow.
1996 "Religion, Militias, and Oklahoma City: The Mind of Conspiratorialists.
The White House has been stingy in its release of Whitewater documents - fueling the conspiratorialists.