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An alloy of 45 percent nickel and 55 percent copper, used chiefly in electrical instruments because of its constant resistance under variations of temperature.

[From constant.]


(Metallurgy) an alloy of copper (60 per cent) and nickel (40 per cent). It has a high resistivity that does not vary significantly with temperature and is used in resistors and, with copper, in thermocouples
[C20: formed from constant]


(ˈkɔn stənˌtæn)

an alloy containing approximately 55 percent copper and 45 percent nickel, used for electrical resistance heating and thermocouples.
[1900–05; constant + -an]
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Noun1.constantan - an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficientconstantan - an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient; used as resistance wire
copper-base alloy - any alloy whose principal component is copper
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9 [micro]V/[degrees]C and constantan at -35 [micro]V/[degrees]C in a type J TC.
The strain gauges used in the system are the foil strain gauges made of constantan having a strain gauge constant K = 2.
The strain gauges used in the setup are general-purpose strain gauges, made from a constantan grid completely encapsulated in polyimide.
Adresen y Diehm (2006, 2011), constantan que los ninos y las ninas no existen solamente con relacion a los sujetos adultos.
While many types of resistive metal foils are available for the construction of flexible heaters, the most common types are cupronickel, constantan (very similar to cupro-nickel), Inconcl and aluminum.
The strain gages featured include precision, transducer quality, karma, constantan, encapsulated, and custom strain gages.
Constantan is well known as a simple alloy (55% Cu/45% Ni) commonly used in thermocouples with a moderate Seebeck coefficient at room temperature.
The principle of the cutting temperature measurement is the thermocouple of constantan wire and work material.
Lo mismo ocurre en lo relativo a los procesos de certificacion, en los que se constantan iniciativas diversas y ritmos diferentes.