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tr.v. con·sti·pat·ed, con·sti·pat·ing, con·sti·pates
1. To cause constipation in.
2. To clog or make sluggish; obstruct.

[Latin cōnstīpāre, cōnstīpāt-, to crowd together : com-, com- + stīpāre, to cram.]
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Movantik belongs to a class of drugs called peripherally acting opioid receptor antagonists, which are used to decrease the constipating effects of opioids.
Drink lots of liquid but not too much ordinary tea as this can be constipating.
Based on results from a survey in the UK, it is likely that more than 50% of older people are taking medications that could be constipating (23), and therefore to exclude them would mean that we would not know whether changes in diet would be effective for a large proportion of the population.
Laxative use is common among community-dwelling elderly individuals, but it's not associated with taking constipating medications, Christine Ruby, Pharm.