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 (kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Making a thing what it is; essential.
2. Having power to institute, establish, or enact.
3. Of or relating to the synthesis of a protein or an enzyme at a constant rate regardless of physiological demand or the concentration of a substrate.

con′sti·tu′tive·ly adv.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) having power to enact, appoint, or establish
2. (Chemistry) chem (of a physical property) determined by the arrangement of atoms in a molecule rather than by their nature
3. (Biochemistry) biochem (of an enzyme) formed continuously, irrespective of the cell's needs
4. another word for constituent1
ˈconstiˌtutively adv


(ˈkɒn stɪˌtu tɪv, -ˌtyu-)

1. constituent; essential.
2. having power to establish or enact.
3. (of the properties of a substance) depending on the arrangement of atoms in a molecule rather than on their nature or number.
con′sti•tu`tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.constitutive - constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)
essential - basic and fundamental; "the essential feature"


Constituting or forming part of the essence of something:
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Yet when one of the two contraries is a constitutive property of the subject, as it is a constitutive property of fire to be hot, of snow to be white, it is necessary determinately that one of the two contraries, not one or the other, should be present in the subject; for fire cannot be cold, or snow black.
Again, in the case of contraries, it is possible that there should be changes from either into the other, while the subject retains its identity, unless indeed one of the contraries is a constitutive property of that subject, as heat is of fire.
Thus, the constitutive relation model for PVB in quasistatic tension is suggested as follows:
This decision was made as a reaction to the cancellation of the party executive bureau meeting scheduled for Sunday," she added in a statement to TAP, accusing the constitutive committee and its allies of "stirring up tension" and impeding all consensus to come out of the crisis shaking the party.
Africa50, the new infrastructure investment platform promoted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), held its Constitutive General Assembly on the 29th of July 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco.
Many constitutive models have been constructed to describe the physical characteristics of arterial wall based on continuum mechanics.
Professor Dimitar Dimitrov explains in Utrinski vesnik that the antiquisation in essence annuls both VMRO and ASNOM as constitutive fundaments, transferring the state into mythology which is excellent field for fueling the name dispute.
Even Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati himself does not believe his own words when saying that "Albanians in Macedonia are a constitutive ethnic group," because he is well-informed about the situation Albanians are in.
In its constitutive meeting, the new Supervisory Board of BASF SE has elected Dr.
The Commercial Companies Law requires the board to register the company within one month from the date of constitutive general meeting.
We now show that SFN inhibits constitutive and interleukin-6 (IL-6)-inducible activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3), which is an oncogenic transcription factor activated in many human malignancies, including prostate cancer.
Le Syndicat libre des musiciens marocains a tenu, vendredi a Rabat, une rencontre au profit des artistes, auteurs et createurs consacree a la presentation de la charte de la nouvelle phase constitutive du Syndicat.