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a. The act or process of constructing.
b. The art, trade, or work of building: an engineer trained in highway construction; worked in construction for seven years.
a. A structure, such as a building, framework, or model.
b. Something fashioned or devised systematically: a nation that was glorious in its historical construction.
c. An artistic composition using various materials; an assemblage or a collage.
3. The way in which something is built or put together: a shelter of simple construction.
4. The interpretation or explanation given to an expression or a statement: I was inclined to put a favorable construction on his reply.
5. Grammar An arrangement of words forming a grammatical phrase, clause, or sentence.

con·struc′tion·al adj.
con·struc′tion·al·ly adv.


[kənˈstrʌkʃənl] ADJestructural
constructional toyjuguete m con que se construyen modelos


adjbaulich; technique, toolBau-; fault, toyKonstruktions-
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More than 10 Mongolian specialists and engineers of road and constructional sectors recently attended a short-term training 'Safe road and constructional operations' organized in Seattle, Washington, the USA.
Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) Ltd have agreed to offer their support to the club.
Limited Tenders are invited for Enquiry for cat b or constructional storesSupply of constructional stores
As per the MoU, @World will provide the available houses besides the designs, architectural and constructional solutions that will contribute to reducing the costs and raising the quality of the houses, said a statement from Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- The Chief Secretary (CS) of Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Sakandar Sultan Raja has taken stringent action against the grant of constructional work to a firm after it was found guilty in an inquiry report.
Chapters are: constructions all the way everywhere; a radically data-driven construction grammar; automating construction work; affixoids and constructional idioms; the survival and use of case morphology in Modern Dutch; degeneracy; social and constructional diffusion; the emergence of non-canonical degree modifiers in non-standard varieties of Dutch; conventional combinations in pockets of productivity; und mit der Party, wie wollen wir das organisieren?
Today, the crossing was open and several trucks loaded with goods for commercial, agricultural and constructional sectors, as well as to fuel supplies were allowed into Gaza, Muhanna added.
CONARES, a UAE manufacturer of downstream steel products in the region, has received Sustainable Constructional Steel Certification by the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (Cares) for its rebar manufacturing division.
According to the media report, the Chief Minister of the State stated that the building collapsed due to constructional defects and the builder had violated various norms.
The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, stipulate constructional requirements which limit most agricultural tractors and trailers to a speed limit of 20mph.
Edwin worked as a constructional engineer for many years with several private firms.
Functional theories such as Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) (Van Valin 2005; Van Valin and LaPolla 1997) and Functional Discourse Grammar (Dik 1997; Hengeveld and Mackenzie 2008) claim that the morphosyntactic structure of predicates derives from their lexical structure by means of a set of linking rules, whereas cognitive and constructional models of linguistic description postulate the existence of a continuum from lexicon to grammar (Croft 2001; Goldberg 1995, 2002, 2006; Lakoff 1987; Lakoff and Johnson 1999; Langacker 1987, 2005).

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