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A person who construes a legal text or document in a specified way: a strict constructionist.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a person who interprets constitutional law in a certain way, esp strictly


(kənˈstrʌk ʃə nɪst)

a person who construes or interprets, esp. laws or a constitution, in a specified manner: a strict constructionist.
con•struc′tion•ism, n.


a person who puts a particular interpretation on provisions of the U.S. Constitution, especially those provisions dealing with the rights of individuals and states.
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Goldstone Media Philippines is a startup internet media company that practices and promotes a holistic, appreciative and constructionist approach to education and entertainment through interactive media, and BloomTV.
Oliver has been prominent since the mid-1980s in the promotion of his social constructionist approach.
They tend toward the theoretical and conceptual, and toward grounding in a constructionist epistemology.
His principal concession to social conservatives has been his pledge to "appoint strict constructionist judges.
Sadly, it is difficult for me to be optimistic about the prospect of the electorate choosing a president who will adhere to a strict constructionist view of our Constitution in the fashion of Coolidge.
President Bush has cited him, along with Clarence Thomas, as the sort of strict constructionist he'd like to see on the bench.
McCormick raises the problem of color and gender blindness in constructionist strategies, arguing that this can "create a context which continues to favor the dominant group" and undermines "certain efforts which may be needed to realize equalization of educational opportunities" (47).
In this, I am a traditionalist and a strict constructionist.
It should be noted that our approach is decidedly constructionist rather than constructivist.
Integrating social constructionist, feminist, and systems thinking, the treatment model focuses on strengthening the child's protective relationships, mobilizing the family to help resolve the child's emotional and behavioral symptoms, and building the family's resiliency.
The myopic limitations of the constructionist position--gayness is not essential and humans are inherently "fluid" or bisexual--are lushly exposed, at least to my somewhat biased essentialist perspective.
This is neither a realist nor an antirealist but a constructionist view of information.

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