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1. One who gives expert or professional advice.
2. One who consults another.

con·sul′tant·ship′ n.


the office or function of a consultant
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Sapienza has previously received honoraria, including a consultantship with BAE Defense Systems.
That was a kind of consultantship that they both had there, and, as a consequence of that, I got a summer fellowship in 1949 and 1950 at The Psychological Corporation and began working on some of their assessment projects.
The results shows that Venezuelan capital market had had a significant evolution but the external obligations contracted by the country, the discharges in passives interests rates and the politics prevailing factor in last years, had generated uncertainty and transformed Venezuela into a not-so-attractive country for a national and foreigner investments and, also, the little prevailing stocks market culture make it very important for the companies investors, to request the consultantship of experts, with the purpose of to diminish risks and to achieve the capital return as palpable benefits in medium or long term.
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