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 (kən-sŭl′tə-tĭv) also con·sul·tive (-sŭl′tĭv) or con·sul·ta·to·ry (-tôr′ē)
Of or relating to consultation; advisory.
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Adj.1.consultatory - giving adviceconsultatory - giving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative"
informatory, informative - providing or conveying information


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Just weeks later, FRUKT paired MasterCard as Justin Timberlake's financial services strategic partnership for two years, an agreement which gives MasterCard assets around the superstar's world tour, after show live performances, priceless consumer experiences, commercial advertising campaigns, product launches, and a creative brand consultatory role.
At present, physicians in Sweden primarily act in a consultatory and supervisory role.
A marketing graduate and veteran of the PR industry, Sue has worked with some of the country's largest food and retail companies in both a consultatory and in-house capacity.

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