container port

also con·tain·er·port  (kən-tā′nər-pôrt′)
A port equipped to handle containerized cargo.


(kənˈteɪ nərˌpɔrt, -ˌpoʊrt)

a seaport equipped with facilities for containerships.
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The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) has announced that Richard (Dick) Coleman, retired President of ContainerPort Group, will be awarded the 2013 IANA Silver Kingpin Award at this year's Intermodal Expo in Houston, Texas.
Prince Rupert, on the west coast of Canada, is a new containerport with enhanced rail infrastructure supported by upgraded roads and highways.
North American containerport productivity: 1984-1997, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 40(4): 339-356.
Quay Skills, our simulator training package, is already transforming the way port operatives are trained and assessed, while ContainerPort, the webbased cargo-tracking system developed by the company of the same name, is now being expanded across the region and farther afield.
From the restoration of the North Shore Railroad to the expansion of the Containerport, the North Shore of Staten Island is ripe for opportunity, job creation, mass transit and a better quality of life for every neighborhood," said Staten Island Borough President James R Molinaro.
Will the dominant containerport in Southeast Asia be the city-state of Singapore or a Malaysian port such as Tanjunk Pelepas [1]?
The Caucedo Containerport and Free Zone is a US$240 million private sector project being developed on 190 acres of land adjacent to the international airport on the Caucedo peninsula 20 miles east of the city of Santo Domingo:
Yet a $40 million containerport project now planned for western Panama could facilitate coffee shipments not only for Panama, but for neighboring Costa Rica as well.
At the Port of New York and New Jersey, the largest containerport in the nation, crime prevention programs have resulted in a decrease of container-related thefts.