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(kənˈteɪ nərˌʃɪp)

a usu. large ship built to transport containerized cargo.


A ship specially constructed and equipped to carry only containers without associated equipment, in all available cargo spaces, either below or above deck. Containerships are usually non-self-sustaining, do not have built-in capability to load or off-load containers, and require port crane service. A containership with shipboard-installed cranes capable of loading and off-loading containers without assistance of port crane service is considered self-sustaining. See also non-self-sustaining containership; self-sustaining containership.
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Noun1.containership - a cargo ship designed to hold containerized cargoescontainership - a cargo ship designed to hold containerized cargoes; "the weight of the documentation of all the consignments on board a contemporary container ship can exceed 90 pounds"
cargo ship, cargo vessel - a ship designed to carry cargo
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16 March 2018 - Hong Kong-based containership management and ownership company Seaspan Corp.
Seaspan Corporation ("Seaspan"), the worlds largest independent containership owner operator, announced that it has acquired the remaining 89% it did not own of Greater China Intermodal Investments LLC ("GCI") from affiliates of The Carlyle Group ("Carlyle") and the minority owners of GCI.
Diana Containerships has entered into an agreement to sell the m/v March and the m/v Great, each a 2004 built containership, for an aggregate price of $22.
Trends in containership deployment are driven by several key factors, including trade growth, the 'cascade' of ships from one trade lane onto another, and infrastructure capabilities.
The South Korean company started work on what will be the biggest containership in the world -- a 19,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) vessel for China Shipping Container Lines (Hong Kong) Co.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at High Tide who gave me the awesome opportunity to observe and work on a containership, said Kelly.
The growth in the containership segments remains positively impacted by a healthy level of demolition to counterbalance the inflow of newbuild tonnage.
The UAE is all set to welcome the world's largest containership - CMA CGM Marco Polo - as it charts its maiden voyage across the Arabian Gulf in the New Year and Khorfakkan port is proud to be her first call in the Middle East.
All five freighter crew members who went missing in a collision with a containership off the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, Friday night were rescued unhurt, the Japan Coast Guard said early Saturday.
Kawasaki Kisen said its containership operations are expected to benefit from the end of the Iraq war, which is highly likely to help turn around the U.
More than 60 percent of the world's containership orders are for vessels exceeding 5,000 TEUs, and the largest ships in service today already are approaching 7,000 TEUs.
Present European projects include the expansion of the Sea-Land Service Containership Terminal in Algeciras, Spain, and a 62-acre mixed use development in Spain for Reinhold Overseas, Ltd,