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1. Given to contention; quarrelsome. See Synonyms at argumentative.
2. Involving or causing contention; controversial: "a central and contentious element of the book" (Tim W. Ferguson).

con·ten′tious·ly adv.
con·ten′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.contentiousness - an inclination to be quarrelsome and contentiouscontentiousness - an inclination to be quarrelsome and contentious
disagreeableness - an ill-tempered and offensive disposition
litigiousness - a quarrelsome disposition to engage in or carry on lawsuits; "charges of litigiousness and widespread perjury"


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The result is that the young man, hearing and seeing all these thing-- hearing too, the words of his father, and having a nearer view of his way of life, and making comparisons of him and others--is drawn opposite ways: while his father is watering and nourishing the rational principle in his soul, the others are encouraging the passionate and appetitive; and he being not originally of a bad nature, but having kept bad company, is at last brought by their joint influence to a middle point, and gives up the kingdom which is within him to the middle principle of contentiousness and passion, and becomes arrogant and ambitious.
Part of the crippling contentiousness of our politics today is the lack of consensus on what exactly happened at Edsa.
Confirmation of the declaration's contentiousness can be seen in its spontaneous condemnations by a wide range of politicians, statesmen and religious leaders, including, notably, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa May, and Pope Francis.
Kay Bailey Hutchison | NYT Syndicate PARTISANSHIP and contentiousness typically dominate Washington news.
For example, Benjamin Butler's occupation of New Orleans illustrates how Union forces freed slaves by dubbing them "contraband," whereas the satirical publications of the "Parsee Merchant" provide Cohen the chance to show the importance and contentiousness of tariffs (68, 101).
Barber's attention to the circum-British Caribbean (in which she includes Suriname, the Carolinas, and Bermuda, as well as Jamaica, Barbados, and less prominent British islands) and to a wide range of colonial sources provides readers with a strong sense of the contentiousness that existed at all levels of society.
I was attracted by the idea of traveling to a region whose contentiousness lies at the center of so many conversations and debates amongst friends and foes alike.
After playing down any sense of contentiousness between the two sides, he can't help but add, "The atmosphere we've developed at Gecko's is far superior to anything [the University of] Florida has developed.
Rouhani's 2013 landslide victory was thought to have signaled the end of such contentiousness.
Let us do so humbly, without unwarranted contentiousness or competition and forever guard against faction, as advised by our Founders," wrote Joshua Jones, Trump's Texas director.
Religious contentiousness aside,AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Christians and Mus in the city welcomed theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA pope's visit and managed to maintainAaAaAe fragile cease-fire while he was there.
1314, is "quite remarkable given Washington's perennial contentiousness," Andy Friedman of The Washington Update told ThinkAdvisor on Wednesday, the deal "provides only gross spending numbers for defense and domestic programs.