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n. pl. con·ti·gu·i·ties
1. The state of being contiguous.
2. A continuous mass or series.


(ˌkɒn tɪˈgyu ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
the state of being contiguous; contact or proximity.
[1635–45; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.contiguity - the attribute of being so near as to be touchingcontiguity - the attribute of being so near as to be touching
nearness, closeness - the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance; "the sudden closeness of the dock sent him into action"


[ˈkɒntɪgjuːɪtɪ] Ncontigüidad f


n(unmittelbare) Nachbarschaft
References in classic literature ?
The latter was the eternal, living principle or soul in him; and in sleep, being for the time dissociated from the characterizing mind, which at other times employed it for its outer vehicle or agent, it spontaneously sought escape from the scorching contiguity of the frantic thing, of which, for the time, it was no longer an integral.
The refined and elegant appearance of his victim and the contiguity of the conscientious cop encouraged him to believe that he would soon feel the pleasant official clutch upon his arm that would insure his winter quarters on the right little, tight little isle.
The very contiguity of his enemy, beneath whatever mask the latter might conceal himself, was enough to disturb the magnetic sphere of a being so sensitive as Arthur Dimmesdale.
She stood by a window, holding a book in close contiguity to her nose, as if with the hope of gaining an olfactory acquaintance with its contents, since her imperfect vision made it not very easy to read them.
from physics is the law that, when two things have frequently existed in close temporal contiguity, either comes in time to cause the other.
Again he stooped slightly to hear better; and the deep night buried everything of the whispering woman and the attentive man, except the familiar contiguity of their faces, with its air of secrecy and caress.
We have also seen reports of construction work starting for the first new settlement in 20 years; Amihai, and of preparatory ground work being initiated in the sensitive area of Givat Hamatos in East Jerusalem, where further settlement construction would severely jeopardize the contiguity and viability of a future Palestinian state," it said.
The approval by the Israeli authorities of the construction permits for 181 housing units in the illegal settlement of Gilo contributes to closing the southern settlement ring around East Jerusalem, thereby compromising contiguity between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which is crucial for the viability of the two-state solution.
This decision continues the accelerating trend of new settlement announcements since the start of 2016 and risks further separating Ramallah from Nablus and thus further undermining the contiguity of a future Palestinian state.
While addressing the opening ceremony of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) mother-child care conference in Islamabad he said that our contiguity and similar socio economic conditions demand a collective effort to address important social issues of maternal and child healthcare.
During the visit, the IGP visited the areas of Mattani and Badher which owing to its contiguity to the tribal belt have remained vulnerable and witnessed heavy attacks from militants operating from the tribal belt in the past.
The second part is focused on the causes of war and militarized disputes, with chapters devoted to contiguity and territory, power, alliances, and other related subjects.