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n. pl. con·ti·gu·i·ties
1. The state of being contiguous.
2. A continuous mass or series.


(ˌkɒn tɪˈgyu ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
the state of being contiguous; contact or proximity.
[1635–45; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.contiguity - the attribute of being so near as to be touchingcontiguity - the attribute of being so near as to be touching
nearness, closeness - the spatial property resulting from a relatively small distance; "the sudden closeness of the dock sent him into action"


[ˈkɒntɪgjuːɪtɪ] Ncontigüidad f


n(unmittelbare) Nachbarschaft
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Limited Tenders are invited for Geotechnical investigation for construction of starter dyke at village ghamota in contiguity with existing dhanras dyke for korba st
General Aoun said "the army stands at equal distance from everyone in this entitlement, and will perform its duty away from politics and in the spirit of impartiality, contiguity and discipline.
Israel is planning to transform the Jordan Valley, which makes up one third of the occupied West Bank, into a completely Israeli area, primarily in agriculture, which some speculate to prevent a territorial contiguity between a future Palestinian state and the rest of the Arab world.
They are an obstacle to peace as they threaten the contiguity of a future Palestinian state," he said.
The chapter on preliminaries explains contiguity operators and degenerate relations.
The main hypothesis is that ideational contiguity between the rebel group and the supporter state as well as a history of conflict against the target state translates into a higher likelihood of state support.
During the visit the IGP visited Arbab Tapo police check post and Zingli police post which owing to its contiguity to the tribal belt have remained vulnerable and witnessed heavy attacks from militants operating from the tribal belt.
The spokesperson of the European Union on Wednesday has denounced Israel approving construction permits for 181 housing units in the illegal settlement of Gilo, saying that this contributes to closing the southern settlement ring around East Jerusalem, thereby compromising contiguity between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which is crucial for the viability of the two-state solution.
These efforts to break the contiguity of Palestinian east Jerusalem with the West Bank pose a severe threat to the two state solution", it added.
Lee's first solo museum exhibition in the United States surveys a decade of the artist's understated investigations of the expanding contiguity between art and everyday life.
The new settlements would cut off the northern part of the West Bank from its southern half, making it very difficult for a prospective Palestinian state to have territorial contiguity, the newspaper stated .
Israel is planning to annex the Jordan Valley into a completely Israeli area, primarily in agriculture, targeting to ban territorial contiguity between a future Palestinian state and the rest of the Arab world.