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Adj.1.continent-wide - involving the entire continent
continental - being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe; "the continental United States"; "continental Europe"; "continental waters"
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This would be even more effective if within the EU he imposed continent-wide restrictions.
Conservationists and governments have collaborated on an aerial, continent-wide census of elephants to better marshal efforts to protect wildlife.
Our vision is of an integrated continent-wide energy system where energy flows freely across borders, based on competition and best possible use of resources, and with effective regulation of energy markets at EU level where necessary.
The index--the first systematic, quantitative, continent-wide monitoring system for regional integration in Africa--is designed to track African countries' progress towards meeting the goals shared by African governments in the context of the Abuja Treaty for integration on the continent.
As a continent-wide association of Catholic women theologians, we hope to be a dialogue partner in the Asian church.
The African Union's Peace and Security Council -- the arm of the continent-wide bloc that imposes sanctions for violations of democratic process -- will discuss the situation in Burkina Faso on Monday, the statement said.
To get ready for this seminal event honoring African broadcasters, media houses, journalists and filmmakers, Africa24 MEDIA is sending its COO & Senior Executive Producer, Daniel Furnad, on a continent-wide tour to identify excellence in our craft.
This volume addresses, from a comparative law perspective, the debates and issues concerning the possible introduction of the European Private Company as a continent-wide legal status that would provide an additional layer of company law without interfering with national law (as most European countries are not prepared to harmonize the laws on private companies).
The ACD is a continent-wide forum, the first of its kind in Asia.
This has triggered recalls of ready-made meals, continent-wide testing of products and damaged confidence in Europe's vast and complex food industry.
If a US of Africa is put in place, it will open more opportunities for progress to be initiated continent-wide.