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1. A joining or touching.
2. Contingency.


1. the state of touching or being in contact
2. another word for contingency


(kənˈtɪn dʒəns)

contact or tangency.
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Noun1.contingence - a possible event or occurrence or result
happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - an event that happens


A coming together so as to be touching:
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DPO Qasim Ali said that he had almost prepared the contingence security plan adding that police constables will perform their duty with MNAs, MPAs, District Nazim, District councilors during Eid.
For ordinal variables, chi-square tests were used to find associations in two-way contingence tables and a generalized estimating equation was used in multivariate logistic and Poisson regression analyses.
In other words, was the difference observed between Condition A and B (mainly for Negao) more due to the disturbing contingence arrangement set up for Condition B than to the favorable contingence arrangement set up in Condition A, or the other way around?
Dans la contingence historique bas-canadienne, cette coincidence se nourrirait pour beaucoup, pensons-nous, d'une affinite elective entre l'ultramontanisme et le nationalisme, a laquelle participe le catholicisme romantique.
According to Luhmann, communication occurs in settings of complexity and contingence.
At this level, the research based on historical institutionalism starting from innovative theories such as Europeanization, agenda-setting, contingence and path-dependence would contribute to the establishment of a new model of research of the relations between national policymaking and European integration.
1538-1602) und sein Verstandnis der Kontingenz, Praescienz und Pradetermination: Ein Beitrag zur Frulgeschichte des Molinismus (Munster: Aschendorff, 1965), provides a tableau of the doctrines in the field of contingence, freedom, and divine foreknowledge, which illustrates the contemporary positions in the context of historical positions.
Fortunately, the limited war contingence operations required of the AF for so long afforded us this mentality.
NNA - 12/7/2012 - AN-NAHAR: Army contingence from south deploying north in anticipation of major showdown in Koura ASSAFIR: French-American concern with stability: investing in natural gas Authorities ground the state: public sector "rises up" AL-MUSTAQBAL: Geagea confirms losing of Koura contest to SSNP would not take place Hariri condemns Tremseh massacre and cabinet decisions to stop refugee hospitalization AL-AKHBAR: Hezbollah: Aounist trend averts Mar Mekhael misunderstanding AD-DIYAR: Hariri pleads Assir to end sit-in but probes him to continue secretly DAILY STAR: Atrocity in Tremseh stuns world, Russia cool R.
We compared mortality rates with a Fisher test of contingence.
The result of contingence was that, all of comment on the lie detectors began to show the similar curves and orders.
Cabe aqui destacar a definicao de contigencia de Raymond Aron: "nous entendons par contingence a la fois la possibilite de concevoir l'evenement autre et l'impossibilite de deduire l'evenement d'ensemble de la situation anterieure".