contingency procedure

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Noun1.contingency procedure - an alternative to the normal procedure; triggered if an unusual but anticipated situation arises
subprogram, subroutine, procedure, routine, function - a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
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At this point, a secondary contingency procedure was invoked, which involved a remote switchover of the service, managed from the Network Operating Centre in Hamilton.
The contingency group was instructed to continue their regular smoking patterns until the night before the imposition of the contingency procedure.
A social validity questionnaire was used to determine teacher and aide satisfaction with the group contingency procedure and its impact on student's social relationships.
In the single negative contingency procedure, one fictitious symptom (X) was negatively correlated with a fictitious disease.
These checks shall ensure, inter alia - Validate financial transactions, : - Validate fax contingency procedure, : - Validate signatures of contracts or legal documents such as the opening / closing of accounts, registration forms, etc.
intelligence agencies would be pared way down, according to a person familiar with contingency procedures.
The messages resulted in emergency services attending the scene and the airports raising their security threat level - resulting in normal contingency procedures being activated.
The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union said the Passport Office was in "crisis", but contingency procedures to deal with the high number of submissions were failing.
Develop contingency procedures to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery for SCADA-critical systems.
Recognizing factors that impact business continuity can help enterprises build resilient infrastructures, design sustainable supply chains, and define communication and contingency procedures to restore critical business operations within acceptable recovery times.
Some aspects of the program include training and employee orientation, hazard identification and assessment, site control measures, site-specific task training, occupational safety and health controls as well as emergency response and contingency procedures.

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