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One that continues, especially a person who carries on the work of another.


a person who continues something, esp the work of someone else


(kənˈtɪn yuˌeɪ tər)

one that continues.
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Thus, while Napoleon is often credited with creating this style of warfare, for the great Prussian theorist Carl von Clausewitz, Napoleon was merely the continuator of a process really begun by Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg.
The second generation in a family business: an agent of change or continuator of family tradition?
The continuator of this idea was Menniger who, in his Man against Himself, starting from ideas of pulsions, saw a crime in the suicide, namely, the wish to kill is reversed and turned through external conjunctures against one's own person.
McCarthys Vorschlag, hinfort die Bezeichnung 1106 continuator zu verwenden, kann letztlich weder widersprochen noch unbedingt zugestimmt werden.
Islam," which did not acquire this name until the second/eighth century, is more than the inheritor of this mouvance; it is rather the continuator of it.
Besides, when the Kingdom of Hungary fell apart in 1541, a part of the Hungarian elite from the central region of the country, occupied by the Ottomans, sought refuge to the east, in the Principality of Transylvania, seen by many as a continuator of Hungary and heir to the Hungarian national tradition.
In the case of the Katyn Massacre, responsibility is attributed to the USSR, the continuator of which is the Russian Federation.
Mary Main, as the continuator of the concepts connected to the attachment theory, after her transfer to the University of California in Berkley in the '70s, implemented a study presenting two types of strange situations that the child experiences: one with the mother and one with the father.
72) Hence, it is hardly surprising that "here Fakhr al-Din al-Razi was to become al-Ghazali's most influential continuator," (73) and perhaps also his "completer.
7) Ex-cardinal Alessandro Ludovisi (Gregory XV) imposed himself as a continuator of his homonymous Bolognese predecessor, Pope Gregory XIII.
Based on these numerous stylistic, technical, and cultural similarities between Abakanowicz's sculptures and those of other Polish postwar artists, I assert that Abakanowicz should be considered a participant in and an active continuator of the expressive tradition--even long after it reached the height of its popularity.
This invariably makes Enric Mestre a more or less conscious continuator of a kind of branch of modern sculpture, which seeks to know and express the world through the activity of our body