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One that continues, especially a person who carries on the work of another.


a person who continues something, esp the work of someone else


(kənˈtɪn yuˌeɪ tər)

one that continues.
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This invariably makes Enric Mestre a more or less conscious continuator of a kind of branch of modern sculpture, which seeks to know and express the world through the activity of our body
Roethlisberger, the originator of organizational behavior, may be considered a continuator of this position.
Raising such questions, Quinones avoids presenting us with a "museum spectacle," as he puts it, and instead makes the reader the continuator of the debate described.
Loisy's eschatological interpretation of Jesus and his message raised questions regarding the Church as the legitimate continuator of that message and mission.
The inspirational role she accords above all to her father caused her to imagine that she was heir and continuator of a revolutionary tradition in his family.
Invoking the "example of Carlos Fonseca, the highest continuator of the inheritance of Sandino, and founder of the National Sandinista Liberation Front [FSLN]," the 1987 Constitution described itself as created for the "institutionalization of the conquests of the Revolution and the construction of a new society that eliminates all classes of exploitation and achieves economic, political, and social equality for Nicaraguans.
These two references, together with the mention of the Celtic heritage, establish Erkenwald as a continuator of the most sanctified Christian traditions.
When Lionel Trilling argues that "we stand in need of the moral realism which is the product of the free play of the moral imagination" and goes on to claim that "[f]or our time the most effective agent of the moral imagination has been the novel of the last two hundred years" he is, whether he knew it or not, a continuator of the tradition of Irving Babbitt.
He does not exist in his own right, but as a continuator of Guillaume's text: he does not even give himself a direct voice in his text, but, described in the third-person by Amors, he becomes half-fictionalized.
20) Continuator perhaps he was, but with respect to the Jews, in a greatly nuanced and far more complicated and indeed attractive form.
Said was an especially worthy continuator of the line of Kampf, vigorously recommending that "Eurocentrism" be ousted "definitively" from the teaching of literature and, in his own writing, setting an example of political correctness by finding "racism" in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.
Devotees of "the whodunits" will want to read the interview with Goldsborough, the continuator of the Nero Wolfe novels.