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One that continues, especially a person who carries on the work of another.


a person who continues something, esp the work of someone else


(kənˈtɪn yuˌeɪ tər)

one that continues.
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32) So on the whole the economic transformation of capitalist Europe was quite similar to that of imperial Rome: "modern Europe and America appear as the heirs and continuators of the old Roman tradition of world pacification and organization on a far wider stage sthan that of the Mediterranean world.
The new perspective presented in this book catches more shape and value as the continuators used it as a foundation to their new thesis.
Moreover, with regard to acts committed within the territory of the former Belarusian SSR and Ukrainian SSR, these states are--in addition to the Russian Federation--their continuators.
56) Is Boccaccio setting aside both the Jewish faith, whose people first received the ten commandments, and the Christian faith, whose followers claim to be the continuators and ameliorators of Judaism, while giving a gentile, the Greek Melisso, the possibility of treating his citizens honorably and lovingly and being treated likewise by them?
Steiner selected two major thinkers to analyze as continuators of Herder.
By the time the Visigoths began to take over Spain from the Latin (or Western) Roman Empire in 415, they had been serving the empire for generations as soldiers, generals, and even political leaders, were culturally Romanized, and considered themselves the continuators of the empire, not its destroyers; this was not the case with the Muslim invaders, whose culture was very different from that of Hispano-Romans and Visigoths.
10) The uses of representation in the church histories of his successors have received even less attention, perhaps because they are seen as mere continuators and imitators with little original to offer in terms of style or approach.
We may present K-B's doctrinal history as based on the following series of positions:1 (1) There are today a number of economists who see themselves as continuators of an Austrian economics tradition that began with Carl Menger but reached its high point in modern times (in their view of themselves) in the work of Mises and Hayek.
Each time and place, Love bestows upon him an earned kiss, obliged to do so by his proper use of his power with words, the same thing Dimmesdale feared until he used it in protection and recognition of the love-trinity--Mother/Father/Daughter-Hope--beneath the gaze of the dry, old continuators of the bereft social order.
Wolfram is unique among the several continuators of Chretien's story in describing the Grail as a stone rather than a chalice (which became the norm in the French tradition inherited by English readers through Malory).
In the future, this conventional methodological distinction has been similarly forgotten by Smith's continuators.