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One that continues, especially a person who carries on the work of another.


a person who continues something, esp the work of someone else


(kənˈtɪn yuˌeɪ tər)

one that continues.
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Socialists were thus immediately drawn to the Hungarian insurgents, who were seen as continuators of the revolutionary process.
Among their topics are the sack of Jerusalem in 1099 and crusader violence viewed by contemporary chroniclers, scriptural allusions in the crusading accounts of Frutolf of Michelsberg and his continuators, the use of the Bible in the arengae of Pope Gregory IX's crusade calls, providential history in the chronicles of the Baltic Crusades, and the "holy women" in the liturgy and the art of of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 12th-century Jerusalem.
5) In 1669 Henry More coined the category of Gnosticism in order to lump together all the heresies that Irenaeus and his continuators condemned.
Thus, continuators write in the shadow of Cervantes and, as we shall see, against Avellaneda's continuation, which was greatly admired outside the Spanish Peninsula in detriment to Cervantes.
Robert Eisenberger, the collaborators and continuators, correlated the different items or questions (each of them independently) with the sense of belonging, and reported that these were statistically high.
During the reign of Edward III, for example, two independent continuators of the French Brut used precisely this method in dealing with another problematic aspect of the previous reign: Edward II's queen Isabella, possibly complicit in his murder, could not be painted either as wronged saint or conspiring villain without reflecting badly on her son, Edward III.
Herbert himself uses the term flanowanie [flaneuring] to refer to the manner of perceiving European cities characteristic of his works (and of his many continuators in Polish literature (9)), the manner whose principal feature is the aesthetization prevailing in Herbert's writings.
The winner continuators of the story: the Lukan Pauline Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism, as two siblings, will fight for the supremacy of authority and power.
It was thus left to commentators and continuators to fill in this gap.
32) So on the whole the economic transformation of capitalist Europe was quite similar to that of imperial Rome: "modern Europe and America appear as the heirs and continuators of the old Roman tradition of world pacification and organization on a far wider stage sthan that of the Mediterranean world.
The new perspective presented in this book catches more shape and value as the continuators used it as a foundation to their new thesis.
Moreover, with regard to acts committed within the territory of the former Belarusian SSR and Ukrainian SSR, these states are--in addition to the Russian Federation--their continuators.