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1. Twisted or strained out of shape.
2. Botany Twisted, bent, or partially rolled upon itself; convolute.

con·tort′ed·ly adv.
con·tort′ed·ness n.


1. twisted out of shape
2. (Botany) (esp of petals and sepals in a bud) twisted so that they overlap on one side
conˈtortedly adv
conˈtortedness n


(kənˈtɔr tɪd)

1. twisted in a violent manner; distorted.
2. twisted back on itself; convoluted.
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Adj.1.contorted - twisted (especially as in pain or struggle); "his mad contorted smile"; "writhed lips"; "my writhen features"- Walter scott
crooked - having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; "crooked country roads"; "crooked teeth"
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Stories abound about his unpredictable ways throughout his career, which began with a big bang in 1989, when he won his first Best Actor Oscar for his stunningly detailed and believable portrayal of a contortedly disabled man in 'My Left Foot.
Therefore, a supposed watershed between rDNA products and the rest of agri-food world is unscientific, as factually and theoretically inexistent: that tangled mix of biotech techniques and products which has been contortedly framed as "GMO(s)" is incoherent on epistemological grounds and counterproductive in the real world.
the world: erotically chiseled bodies crawl contortedly up from their