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 (kŏn′trə-bə-so͞on′, -bă-)
The largest and lowest pitched of the double-reed wind instruments, sounding an octave below the bassoon. Also called double bassoon.


(Instruments) the largest instrument in the oboe family, pitched an octave below the bassoon; double bassoon
ˌcontrabasˈsoonist n


(ˈkɒn trə bæˈsun, -bə-)

a bassoon larger in size and an octave lower in pitch than the ordinary bassoon; a double bassoon.
[1890–95; contra-2 + bassoon]
con′tra•bas•soon′ist, n.
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Noun1.contrabassoon - the bassoon that is the largest instrument in the oboe familycontrabassoon - the bassoon that is the largest instrument in the oboe family
bassoon - a double-reed instrument; the tenor of the oboe family


[ˌkɒntrəbəˈsuːn] Ncontrafagot m
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Concerto for Contrabassoon: Reduction for Contrabassoon and Piano.
The contrabassoon had had half the skin on her arm burned off in an explosion.
A parallel change in instrumentation occurs in Revision B, the revised reprise of the B section, where Shostakovich's marginalia indicate increased woodwinds and percussion, including xylophone, tamburo, bass clarinet, and contrabassoon.
He wrote for unusual instrumental combinations, such as a Symphony for Brass and Percussion, quartets of four double basses and four cellos, more than 20 concertos, including for double bass, contrabassoon, alto saxophone, and a Grand Concerto for Percussion and Keyboards.
Plus, David Owen Norris presents Inside the Score and there is a feature on the contrabassoon.
And it was a nice idea to let London catch up with John Woolrich's 2009 contrabassoon concerto Falling Down - with its dedicatee, the CBSO's Margaret Cookhorn, easily commanding this huge venue.
Some audience members may have wondered about the tall object which emerged from and towered above the woodwind section -- the very tallest contrabassoon I have ever seen.
The piece began with a slow rumble of the double basses, contrabassoon as if from the lowest depths of the earth.
There was a rhapsodic theme for leader Jim Clark, charming solos from oboe and French horn and a lovely creamy contrabassoon melody before the whole came to a splendid conclusion.
Scoring: 2 flutes (1 doubling piccolo), 2 oboes (1 doubling English horn), 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 horns in F, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, percussion, harp, celeste, strings.
To be accompanied by five jazz flutes and a contrabassoon
A brief, queasy passage from a contrabassoon almost made me physically ill, but I think that's rather what Strauss intended.