contract killing

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Noun1.contract killing - a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in what looks like a professional, contract killing.
Authorities in Serbia had notified their Cyprus counterparts in March, 2016 that a contract killing had been agreed through a phone call from Nicosia's Central Prison.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused Indian diplomat-turned-politician Mani Shankar Aiyar of visiting Pakistan to arrange his contract killing (supari), the Hindu span style="color: #3366ffreported.
A Caloocan City police operation early Friday morning ended with the death of an officer and two alleged members of a crime syndicate engaged in illegal drugs, gun-running and contract killing.
But fear of reprisals from Triad leaders said to be behind the contract killing led to a wall of silence which hampered the investigation.
In research published last week, the criminologist reveals contract killing is becoming increasingly competitive.
The committee is pursuing several lines of inquiry, including the possibility of a contract killing with the aim of destabilizing Russia, he said.
The cost of the contract killing was $2,450 and prepayment of 5,000 som ($8) was made by a contractor.
Crime reporter Veronica was shot dead in 1996 in a gangland contract killing yards from the site of the flyover.
The pair were convicted of murdering Aamir, 17, in a bungled contract killing.
Dabodia was involved in over 50 cases of murder, extortion, contract killing and kidnapping and carried a reward of Rs.
In the murder of liquor baron Ponty Chadha and his brother Hardeep over a property dispute, the police are still not ruling out the possibility of a contract killing.