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1. Involving, of the nature of, or being a contradiction: contradictory reports about the vaccine's effectiveness. See Synonyms at opposite.
2. Given to contradicting: The contradictory council members often ended up squabbling.
n. pl. con·tra·dic·to·ries Logic
Either of two propositions related in such a way that it is impossible for both to be true or both to be false.

con′tra·dic′to·ri·ly adv.
con′tra·dic′to·ri·ness n.
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Noun1.contradictoriness - the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist
oppositeness, opposition - the relation between opposed entities
incompatibility, inconsistency, mutual exclusiveness, repugnance - the relation between propositions that cannot both be true at the same time
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Strickland was just the man to rise superior to circumstances, when they were such as to occasion despondency in most; but whether this was due to equanimity of soul or to contradictoriness it would be difficult to say.
But he was not without contradictoriness and rebellion even towards his own resolve.
See Appendix 1) To the contrary, we emphasized their complexity, variability, and contradictoriness in relationships among key factors, and in more general explanatory and interpretive terms that shape expectations, theory, and policy.
Adamson (1993: 40), in summarizing the changes that took place around what was then Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, concluded: "Although the Florentine avant-garde would, on the whole, deplore this change, it was perhaps indicative of the contradictoriness of their position that the back room of the Giubbe Rosse would later serve as Lacerba's only true editorial office.
Thus, far from being endorsed by the singularity of a complex character distinct from the generally flat characters that surround her, the culture of individualism is exposed in Lady Susan in all of its contradictoriness, beginning indeed with the equality from which individualism springs in the "egalitarian family," which together sanction the competition and conflict that defines family relations in general.
In its various components, identity considered as negotiation involves the capacity to respond to the multiplicity and contradictoriness of the elements of which we are composed at any given moment.
It is as if the opposites of the world, whose contradictoriness and conflict make all our difficulties and troubles were melted into unity.
It is this essential doubleness of pastoral (its historical construction and its receding image of wholeness in memory) that made it an appropriate genre for mapping out the contradictoriness of the Old South, a region that was an offshoot of nineteenth-century international commerce and not an organic development out of a supposed feudal precedent.
Simultaneously, Robert is able to draw on the contradictoriness of those ideals (that masculinity is muscular, but also unassuming) to position himself as normative, and not pathologically lacking in self-acceptance.
In chapter 9 the authors pronounce themselves 'deeply sympathetic to postmodernism in its hospitality to popular genres' and to poststructuralism 'in its stress on heterogeneity, difference, contradictoriness, and indeterminancy; in its drawing attention to fictive elements in scholarly, including historical, writing.
The book is a testament to human complexity and unpredictability, contradictoriness and contrariness, some of what we all partake of, albeit on nowhere near so grand a scale.
The Ancient Mariner and Crispin), individuals that discern that specific behavior and logic do not explain nor mitigate the essential contradictoriness of the real world.