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adj. Music
Of, relating to, or incorporating counterpoint.

[From obsolete Italian contrapunto, counterpoint : Italian contra-, against (from Latin contrā-; see contra-) + Italian punto, point, note (from Vulgar Latin *punctum, from Latin pūnctum; see punctual).]

con′tra·pun′tal·ly adv.


(Music, other) music characterized by counterpoint
[C19: from Italian contrappunto counterpoint + al1]
ˌcontraˈpuntally adv


(ˌkɒn trəˈpʌn tl)

1. of or involving musical counterpoint.
2. composed of two or more relatively independent melodies sounded together.
[1835–45; < Italian contrappunt(o) (< Medieval Latin contrāpūnctus) + -al1. See counterpoint]
con`tra•pun′tal•ly, adv.


Typical of or using counterpoint.
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Adj.1.contrapuntal - relating to or characteristic of or according to the rules of counterpoint; "contrapuntal base"
2.contrapuntal - having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner


[ˌkɒntrəˈpʌntl] ADJde contrapunto


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On the one hand, Schenker was an innovator who radically extended the strict contrapuntal rules of the past so that they controlled complete compositions.
that conveyed a maelstrom of emotions, even in quieter sections, and developed the fugue, with hands and feet going everywhere, into a raging behemoth of contrapuntal activity.
The Ghost Trio's two more conventional fast-moving movements and Brahms's large, extravagant and richly contrapuntal B major Trio were reflective and song-like rather than bold and romantic.
A wonderful piece, combining contrastive cantabile and lyrical, contrapuntal, motoric, dramatic and other areas.
Her threefold critique can serve as contrapuntal points to Kenneth Rose's forceful defense of pluralism in his latest book Pluralism: The Future of Religion (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013).
Most people who play the piano will make their way through the set of 15 "Two-Part Inventions,'' which Bach wrote to teach students how to perform two contrapuntal lines, two voices, one for each hand.
Paral's contrapuntal mixing-and-matching captures the dissatisfaction and discontinuity of grimly absurd lives, while his furious pace and bleakly outrageous sense of humor leave few conventions standing, nothing sacred.
While Brandsen owes some debt to Balanchine, he offers a fresh look and approach, wonderfully independent, and sensitive to the contrapuntal values of the composer.
Rouaud's fascination for cave art helped him develop a contrapuntal tale.
She drew from the CBSO a wellpaced reading, Bruckner's contrapuntal lines judiciously balanced, his textures well projected in Symphony Hall's cathedral-like acoustic, doors to the acoustic chambers open wide.
Agmon feels that structural levels should not be dependent on the process of horizontal composing-out, perceiving this as a contrapuntal "bias" of Schenker.
The opening fast section, Con tuttaforza, evokes the music of Shostakovich with stark, exposed dissonances in the low register, angular rhythmic motives, clarity of texture and expertly crafted contrapuntal features.