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Having or producing sharp contrasts between light and dark areas in photography.


(Photography) (of a photograph or subject) having sharp gradations in tone, esp between light and dark areas


(kənˈtræs ti, ˈkɒn træs-)

Photog. having or producing a preponderance of dark and light tones.
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Adj.1.contrasty - having sharp differences between black and white
photography, picture taking - the act of taking and printing photographs
flat - lacking contrast or shading between tones
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If you look at Italian furniture catalogs -- where the lighting is modern, the art is modern but it's a traditional house -- it's a little contrasty, but it works well together," Dorman said.
After extensive tests to determine the right camera for car rigs and wheel shots, Lozano and helmer Julien Leclercq chose the Codex Action Cam, a tiny remote head that shoots in HD up to 60 frames per second, in conjunction with older Super 16 format lenses that were "sharp and contrasty," matching the look of the rest of the film, Lozano says.
Its images are bright, contrasty and sharp from edge to edge, and the chromatic aberration (color fringing) that's the curse of cheap cameras is absent -- either because the iPhone lens is particularly good, or because it's processed out by the software.
Daytime views were contrasty and without a trace of color fringes even at the borders of high-contrast objects such as power lines seen against a bright sky.
2] in the tunnel air, females flew here and there but didn't pay special attention to contrasty objects on the floor.
37) Furthermore, earlier imaging and experiments reveal similar colours elsewhere on contrasty edges, as can be seen in Figure 13.
The large white beaches, soft blue ocean and sky keep the light from ever being too contrasty.
The wood is contrasty European walnut, with some nice but not ornate figure in the buttstock.
The neutral, open, contrasty and realistic pattern includes three layers for effective depth deception, including a soft background of neutral tones and just-perceivable tree elements and a middle zone showing blurred oak trunk and leaves, all superimposed with tack-sharp, photo-realistic oak trunk, branches, leaves and pine ingredients.