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Having or producing sharp contrasts between light and dark areas in photography.


(Photography) (of a photograph or subject) having sharp gradations in tone, esp between light and dark areas


(kənˈtræs ti, ˈkɒn træs-)

Photog. having or producing a preponderance of dark and light tones.
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Adj.1.contrasty - having sharp differences between black and white
photography, picture taking - the act of taking and printing photographs
flat - lacking contrast or shading between tones
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Its images are bright, contrasty and sharp from edge to edge, and the chromatic aberration (color fringing) that's the curse of cheap cameras is absent -- either because the iPhone lens is particularly good, or because it's processed out by the software.
2] in the tunnel air, females flew here and there but didn't pay special attention to contrasty objects on the floor.
37) Furthermore, earlier imaging and experiments reveal similar colours elsewhere on contrasty edges, as can be seen in Figure 13.
The wood is contrasty European walnut, with some nice but not ornate figure in the buttstock.
The neutral, open, contrasty and realistic pattern includes three layers for effective depth deception, including a soft background of neutral tones and just-perceivable tree elements and a middle zone showing blurred oak trunk and leaves, all superimposed with tack-sharp, photo-realistic oak trunk, branches, leaves and pine ingredients.
He also shoots in grainy, contrasty black and white, which makes skin look toughened and tired and the space around it harsh, combating any exotic narrative that the story of Sabine, to the extent that we know it, might otherwise suggest.
Finally, the electrons emitted from the inner face of the third screen were amplified and projected onto the optical eyepiece, whereupon the operator saw an image resembling a small, contrasty, green television picture.
Dorsum background color Raw Umber without strong dusky tone (browner); crown with black streaks more or less restricted to lateral stripes, and olive-grayish median stripe usually distinctly demarcated from brown lateral stripes; tertials with black submarginal stripe strongly contrasting with olive brown center; dorsum pattern weakly contrasty (scapular centers Raw Umber), with black restricted as submarginal bar bordering dingy white or grayish fringe; (9.
I would suggest people go out when the sky is contrasty," said Mr Soper.
GETTING STARTED Select prints that are less contrasty.
The colours in this mix include bright oranges, vibrant reds and hot pinks and some plum shades, each flower with a stunningly contrasty black centre.