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v. con·trib·ut·ed, con·trib·ut·ing, con·trib·utes
1. To give or supply in common with others; give to a common fund or for a common purpose.
2. To submit for publication: contributed two stories to the summer issue.
1. To make a contribution: contributes to several charities.
2. To help bring about a result; act as a factor: Exercise contributes to better health.
3. To submit material for publication.

[Latin contribuere, contribūt-, to bring together : com-, com- + tribuere, to grant; see tribute.]

con·trib′u·tive adj.
con·trib′u·tive·ly adv.
con·trib′u·tor n.
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Adj.1.contributive - tending to bring about; being partly responsible for; "working conditions are not conducive to productivity"; "the seaport was a contributing factor in the growth of the city"; "a contributory factor"
causative - producing an effect; "poverty as a causative factor in crime"


Tending to contribute to a result:
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Simply put, commutative justice, distributive justice, and contributive justice are a package deal.
When we seek to have our productive and contributive activities recognised we are seeking to do so through our membership--or claims to membership--of institutions as structured relations.
Despite having a contributive share of 40 per cent in total industrial output, the SME sector has been lagging behind in the technology front," said Mr.
I do think this has something to do with the comparative versus contributive way of thinking--about what my whole life is about.
Rich in insights, it is consistently erudite, dense, generous, even humorous at times; always contributive, it is indeed an award-winning book.
Contributive with 1% or less decision error * = Contributive with 5% or less decision error.
Indeed, one might well go so far as to see Ruskin's work as an honorable and contributive, if indeed quite personal, part of that tradition.
Each partner could deduct his contributive share of the charitable contribution deduction and would not be subject to the Sec.
At present it is not clear if in these individuals Sr has played either a primary or contributive role in the development of this particular type of renal osteodystrophy, nor is it clear if the increased concentrations occurred secondary to the presence of the bone disorder.
Heathrow Land and Development Corporation that the value of a billboard is determined by "considering its contributive value as an improvement to the condemned real property or the value of the billboard itself and compensation must be awarded by using the method, applying standard appraisal techniques, which provides the greatest compensation to.
Morreim, "Moral Justice and Legal Justice in Managed Care: The Ascent of Contributive Justice," Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 23, no.
Two major themes of modern amateurism are marginality and contributive participation.

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