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tr.v. con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trols
1. To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct: The majority party controls the legislative agenda. See Synonyms at conduct.
2. To adjust to a requirement; regulate: rules that control trading on the stock market; valves that control the flow of water.
3. To hold in restraint; check: struggled to control my temper.
4. To reduce or prevent the spread of: used a pesticide to control insects; controlled the fire by dousing it with water.
a. To verify or regulate (a scientific experiment) by conducting a parallel experiment or by comparing with another standard.
b. To verify (a financial account, for example) by using a duplicate register for comparison.
1. Authority or ability to manage or direct: lost control of the skidding car; the leaders in control of the country.
2. One that controls; a controlling agent, device, or organization.
a. An instrument.
b. controls A set of such instruments.
4. A restraining device, measure, or limit; a curb: a control on prices; price controls.
a. A standard of comparison for checking or verifying the results of a scientific experiment.
b. An individual or group used as a standard of comparison in a scientific experiment, as a group of subjects given an inactive substance in an experiment testing a new drug administered to another group of subjects.
6. An intelligence agent who supervises or instructs another agent.
7. A spirit presumed to speak or act through a medium.

[Middle English controllen, from Anglo-Norman contreroller, from Medieval Latin contrārotulāre, to check by duplicate register, from contrārotulus, duplicate register : Latin contrā-, contra- + Latin rotulus, roll, diminutive of rota, wheel; see ret- in Indo-European roots.]

con·trol′la·bil′i·ty n.
con·trol′la·ble adj.
con·trol′la·bly adv.
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These retain the look of the original, and are British-made, but feature added controllability and energy saving options.
The factors to determine MSIL in accordance with ISO/PAS 19695 are Exposure (E), Controllability (C) and Severity (S).
Carleman Estimates, Observability Inequalities and Null Controllability for Interior Degenerate Nonsmooth Parabolic Equations
The Works shall include a new BEMS and new local controls to improve the controllability of the heating system.
ABSTRACT: This work is an approach to check the controllability and Observability of the model for automatic artificial pancreas to design the feedback control.
Updates also were made to the electronic control system for improved response and controllability, increasing productivity and enhancing the operator experience.
Controllability has been one of the fundamental concepts in modern control theory and has played an essential role in its development because of the broad applications.
One form of cognitive appraisal that has been received extensive attention by researchers is called perceived controllability.
The CH-53K King Stallion took off and hovered for 30 minutes at 25 feet to assess basic aircraft controllability and landing, and handled as predicted.
The controllability has also provided an improvement in quality.
We operate around two dozen older washing machines, some of which have limited controllability when programming the movement of water jets that spray machined parts in the rotating basket.
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