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The total loss of the victors in this obstinately contested affair was, in killed, wounded, and missing--one forefinger and part of a thumb-nail (which the late proprietor brought along with him in his hand), a severely contused arm, and a considerable effusion of blood flowing from the thigh of a chief, who had received an ugly thrust from a Happar spear.
And that was the contused scalp wound over which I shuddered in the train.
As I expected, we found that the flesh underneath was terribly contused, for though the steel links had kept the weapons from entering, they had not prevented them from bruising.
His lips were a contused, shapeless mass, and his mouth was full of blood and broken teeth.
Arriving doctors diagnosed a 27-year-old girl with a contused wound of the right ear, a bruised right cheek and fingers of the right hand.
Win rate, then, is not to be contused with payback percentage, which in this case would be 0%, 167%, and 333%, respectively.
Robotic assistance that encourages the generation of stepping rather than fully assisting movements is best for learning to step in spinally contused rats.
Female Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups (5 rats in each); three groups were contused at the L1 level.
All but 1 of the bats had [greater than or equal to] 1 visibly swollen and occasionally contused joints involving the long bones of the legs and wings; 1 had contusions of the oral commissures.
Whether it's taking the wrong turning and bumping into a hammerwielding nutter or partaking of an ill-timed sneeze while overtaking on the A470 at 70mph, you can go from happy-go-lucky to being in a neck brace with blood on your teeth in the blink of a badly contused eye.
History is literal truth: things as they actually happen, in all their contingent, contused meaninglessness.
According to a report issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the disabled man was found with a contused and swollen left foot.