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 (kən-to͞oz′, -tyo͞oz′)
tr.v. con·tused, con·tus·ing, con·tus·es
To injure without breaking the skin; bruise.

[Middle English contusen, from Latin contundere, contūs-, to beat : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + tundere, to beat.]
References in classic literature ?
The total loss of the victors in this obstinately contested affair was, in killed, wounded, and missing--one forefinger and part of a thumb-nail (which the late proprietor brought along with him in his hand), a severely contused arm, and a considerable effusion of blood flowing from the thigh of a chief, who had received an ugly thrust from a Happar spear.
As I expected, we found that the flesh underneath was terribly contused, for though the steel links had kept the weapons from entering, they had not prevented them from bruising.
And that was the contused scalp wound over which I shuddered in the train.
His lips were a contused, shapeless mass, and his mouth was full of blood and broken teeth.
Bone marrow stromal cells elicit tissue sparing after acute but not delayed transplantation into the contused adult rat thoracic spinal cord.
5 cm] Contused Lacerated Wound (CLW) and a partial thickness tear of the temporal palpebral conjunctiva.
They could not have contused the subjects of the Rus' prince with the Mongols, because dress, language, and the wearing of crosses would have identified them as Christian Rus' rather than unknown or pagan Mongols.
Whether it's slipping and bashing your head on the tiled floor of the frozen section down Lidl (other cut-price supermarkets are available) or partaking of an ill-timed sneeze while overtaking on the M25 at 70mph - you can go from happy-go-lucky to being in a neck brace with blood on your teeth in the blink of a badly contused eye.
9) While we see in Davis a tendency to find the conscience of the agent more ignorant, contused, and incompetent than in Slater, in Jone we find the penitent more prone to psychological disorders.
Derivatives are different from, but often contused with, collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, the bundled bad mortgages sold as securities by mortgage lenders and others," explained NCPA Senor Fellow David Grantham.