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Air heated by a space heater rises and is replaced by cool air, creating a convection current that circulates hot air throughout a room.


1. The act or process of conveying; transmission.
2. Physics
a. Heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another.
b. Fluid motion caused by an external force such as gravity.
3. Meteorology The transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties by massive motion within the atmosphere, especially by such motion directed upward.

[Late Latin convectiō, convectiōn-, from convectus, past participle of convehere, to carry together : Latin com-, com- + Latin vehere, to carry; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

con·vec′tion·al adj.
con·vec′tive adj.
con·vec′tive·ly adv.
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Their research showed that the enhancement was most pronounced during the convectively active seasons of November-April for the Indian Ocean and April-December for the South China Sea.
A consecutive air-node convectively linked to the primary CCS system air-node represents the condition of the air after it passes through the seat materials, thermal masses etc.
Considering the cooling panel as an individual surface, heat is exchanged convectively with room air and radiantly with other inner surfaces (floor and walls).
19] considered two-dimensional stagnation point flow of Jeffrey fluid over a convectively heated stretching sheet constructed by homotopy analysis method.
NxThera's Rezum System to treat BPH uses sterile water vapor, or steam, to convectively deliver targeted, precise thermal energy treatments in a simple, office-based or hospital procedure designed to take only minutes, with minimal discomfort, and provide improvements in urine flow and quality of life.
The higher mean radiant temperature in radiantly heated space means that the air temperature can be kept lower than in convectively heated space.
All heat was released convectively resulting in a conservative estimate of temperatures and airflow requirements.
In configuration B, the reactive gas convectively flowed through the foam.
The remainder moves convectively on, within its deep-rock host, laterally through the depths until, a few hundred million years later, it return as molten rock through submarine volcanic vents and renews the ocean floor.
It changes the distribution of energy in the troposphere so that it becomes more convectively stable," Nature quoted Ricke, as saying.
Stresses in viscoelastic plate dried convectively, Drying Technology 17: 97-117.
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