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v. con·vect·ed, con·vect·ing, con·vects
To transfer (heat) by convection.
To undergo convection: warm air convecting upward.

[Back-formation from convection.]


1. (General Physics) (tr) to circulate (hot air) by convection
2. (General Physics) (intr) to undergo convection



1. to transfer (heat or a fluid) by convection.
2. (of a fluid) to transfer heat by convection.
[1880–85; back formation from convected < Latin convectus, past participle of convehere to carry to one place =con- con- + vehere to carry]
con•vec′tive, adj.
con•vec′tive•ly, adv.
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Verb1.convect - circulate hot air by convection
circulate - cause to move in a circuit or system; "The fan circulates the air in the room"
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Understanding how much water is delivered to the mantle contributes to knowledge of how the mantle convects, and how it melts, which helps to understand how plate tectonics began, and how the continental crust was formed.
1) The nearly-black core, where the impactor exploded below the cloud-tops; black smoke convects upwards from below the clouds, as well as lying in the stratosphere.
The indoor air curtain reclaims solar energy in the inside cavity and convects it to the indoor space during the heating season.
Scientists are pursuing evidence to determine if the entire mantle convects (right side of diagram), or if the mantle is two-tiered (left side of diagram).
Although the mantle convects at rates of only centimeters per year, this process drives the motion of the plates in ways that have built up and shaped the continents.
Since the mantle convects on such a large scale, the plates are allowed to reach large sizes.