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n.1.One who belongs to a convention or assembly.
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Now if you should hook into a shark weighing 7,000 pounds the first time we ever go out in the boat daughter I think it would be a terribly unequal contest and that we ought to protest to the Geneva Conventioners.
Tue-Thu, mac) No preview Cedar Rapids (15) Representing his company at an insurance convention in Iowa, a small town naif (The Hangover's Ed Helms) gets an eye-opening discovery of the wider world courtesy of three veteran big city conventioners.
and, "we have informed the conventioners that funds are sought for the joint
Eighty conventioners obtained credentials enabling them to enter Thursday's events and to wear frearms on the grounds.
Listeners will be able to hear excerpts of IBM Chairman Lou Gerstner's keynote address shortly after the speech is heard by conventioners.