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1. The act, condition, quality, or fact of converging.
2. Mathematics The property or manner of approaching a limit, such as a point, line, function, or value.
3. The point of converging; a meeting place: a town at the convergence of two rivers.
4. Physiology The coordinated turning of the eyes inward to focus on an object at close range.
5. Biology The adaptive evolution of superficially similar structures, such as the wings of birds and insects, in unrelated species subjected to similar environments. Also called convergent evolution.

con·ver′gent adj.


1. (of two or more lines, paths, etc) moving towards or meeting at some common point
2. (of forces, ideas, etc) tending towards the same result; merging
3. (Mathematics) maths (of an infinite series) having a finite limit


(kənˈvɜr dʒənt)

characterized by convergence; tending to come together; merging.
[1720–30; < Late Latin]
con•ver′gent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.convergent - tending to come together from different directions
oblique - slanting or inclined in direction or course or position--neither parallel nor perpendicular nor right-angled; "the oblique rays of the winter sun"; "acute and obtuse angles are oblique angles"; "the axis of an oblique cone is not perpendicular to its base"
diverging, divergent - tending to move apart in different directions
مُتقارِب، مُقتَرب إبى نُقطةِ واحِدَه
birbirine yaklaşan


[kənˈvɜːdʒənt] converging [kənˈvɜːdʒɪŋ] ADJconvergente


, converging
adj roads, lineszusammenlaufend; rivers alsozusammenströmend; (Math, Phys) → konvergent (form), → konvergierend; (fig) views etcsich (aneinander) annähernd


[kənˈvɜːdʒənt] converging [kənˈvɜːdʒɪŋ] adjconvergente


(kənˈvəːdʒ) verb
to (cause to) move towards or meet at one point. The roads converge in the centre of town.
conˈvergence noun
conˈvergent adjective
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And there, in the focus of a million pairs of convergent eyes, the Ambitious Person sat him down between the sun and moon and murmured sadly to his own soul:
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