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 (kən-vûr′sənt, kŏn′vər-)
Familiar or knowledgeable, as by study or experience: conversant with medieval history.

[Middle English conversaunt, associated with, from Old French conversant, present participle of converser, to associate with, from Latin conversārī; see converse1.]

con·ver′sant·ly adv.
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conversantly claim that humour is also a major concern of mchongoano.
As for his computer skills, O'Neill, 47, said his two teenagers "think I'm awful, but I'm probably conversantly dangerous.
Conversantly, the plot of a dramatic work is the arrangement of the incidents in the work that send basic sentiments that the writer wishes to convey, hence, Ukala depends on the African folktale via its oral narrative and structure in the construction of his plays.