convert to

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convert into, convert to - Convert into means to change from one thing to another; convert to means to switch allegiance, loyalty, or obligation.
See also related terms for obligation.
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Whereas Westerners who convert to Islam are very well known--they go on television, are invited by the most popular programs, are presidents of the most famous Muslim associations and have no problems of visibility--we have sought out people who, by the very nature of their experience, have problems in making known what they have experienced, though they are very happy with what has occurred.
It turns a lot of us off because it sounds like you're kind of pushing people around, telling them what they need and inviting them to convert to Jesus Christ.
In contrast, the cellulose found in cornstalks and other types of cellulosic biomass contains not only glucose, but also the sugar xylose, which Saccharomyces cannot convert to ethanol because it lacks the enzymes to do so.
T believed that he was eligible to convert to a Roth IRA because his 1998 modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) was less than $100,000.
Now if you want to take your client's table and convert it to straight text, all you do is highlight the entire table or the part you want to convert to text and go up to the Toolbar and click on Table, Convert Table to Text.
Detroit Diesel is supporting the engine and will continue to support the customer, whether they go back to methanol, convert to diesel or stay with ethanol.
In addition, customers that opt to convert to MRO Software's hosted Maximo solution will receive a free year of application hosting as part of the program.
Businesswise, it makes sense to convert to clean diesel,'' Sawires said.
Using the Document Workflow Wizard, users can automatically capture documents from scanners or hot folders, specify conversion steps such as OCR, zone OCR, convert to or from PDF, and process the results to email, Microsoft SharePoint, FTP and more.
The IRS has issued temporary regulations that provide transitional rules for existing businesses using legacy functional currencies that must convert to the euro (Temp.