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n. pl. con·vex·i·ties
1. The state of being convex.
2. A convex surface, body, part, or line.


n, pl -ties
1. the state or quality of being convex
2. a convex surface, object, etc; bulge


(kənˈvɛk sɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the state of being convex.
2. a convex surface or thing.
[1590–1600; < Latin]
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Noun1.convexity - the property possessed by a convex shape
shape, configuration, conformation, contour, form - any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); "he could barely make out their shapes"
bulginess, roundedness - the property possessed by a rounded convexity
2.convexity - a shape that curves or bulges outward
umbo - a slight rounded elevation where the malleus attaches to the eardrum
solid - a three-dimensional shape
camber - a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)
entasis - a slight convexity in the shaft of a column; compensates for the illusion of concavity that viewers experience when the sides are perfectly straight
node, thickening, knob - any thickened enlargement
ridge - any long raised strip
tip, peak, point - a V shape; "the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points"
taper - a convex shape that narrows toward a point
projection - any solid convex shape that juts out from something
تَحَدُّب، احْديداب
bunga, ávali


[kɒnˈveksɪtɪ] Nconvexidad f


nKonvexität f


(ˈkonveks) adjective
(of an object or surface) curved outwards, like the surface of the eye. a convex lens.
conˈvexity noun
References in classic literature ?
On the verge of the hour the heads of a group of children, of ages ranging from six to fourteen, rose over the stubbly convexity of the hill.
The latter, however, continued to ascend, while the lightning described tangents to the convexity of her circumference; but she bore on, right through the midst of the fire.
It is known to seamen that a school of whales basking or sporting on the surface of the ocean, miles apart, with the convexity of the earth between, will sometimes dive at the same instant--all gone out of sight in a moment.
At that moment, the moon, instead of appearing flat like a disc, showed its convexity.
The scientific theory which has been identified by dentists for aesthetic treatments lies in the fact that the growth of the nose affects the overall convexity of the facial profile.
obtain a convexity of the surface layer of container / laminate.
Customers will be able to access data fields including: price, yield, spread, multiple duration calculations, convexity, and OAS.
Working in tandem with Convexity Properties, the powerhouse luxury hospitality brand will unveil the Goettsch Partners and TAL Studio-designed property, located conveniently for guests on State Street in the Gold Coast.
In particular, shape parameters such as particle convexity and circularity are shown to be important in differentiating primary particles and agglomerates.
At craniotomy, a large tumor was attached to the dura of the convexity but easily separable from the surrounding brain parenchyma.
They propose a "medium" convexity measure, "CLm," and a "high" convexity measure, "CLh," both of which are available for the same set of 1,168 journals.
Advanced topics included vector-valued functions, the implicit function theorem, extremal problems, matrix-valued holomorphic functions, matrix equations, realization theory, eigenvalue location and zero location problems, convexity, and some special results relating to matrices with nonnegative entries.