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1. Enjoying good company; sociable. See Synonyms at social.
2. Characterized by merry celebrating; festive: a convivial atmosphere at the reunion.

[Late Latin convīviālis, from Latin convīvium, banquet : com-, com- + vīvere, to live; see gwei- in Indo-European roots.]

con·viv′i·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
con·viv′i·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.convivially - in a convivial manner; "`Let's go and have a drink,' she said convivially"
بصورةِ مَرِحـه
glaîlega, meî glaîværî
şen şakrak bir şekilde


[kənˈvɪvɪəlɪ] advallegramente, giovialmente


(kənˈviviəl) adjective
pleasantly sociable and friendly.
conˈvivially adverb
conˌviviˈality (-ˈӕ-) noun
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One wonders how much a part the choirs of St Philip's and the nearby St Bartholomew's - who regularly met convivially as the Musical and Amicable Society at Cooke's Tavern in the Cherry Orchard - played in those early oratorio presentations.
The rest is a study in earth tones and upbeat lighting, all very modern and restful--which is good, because the noise level on a packed evening can be convivially high.
When the players arrive on stage during Hamlets conversation with Polonius, the prince makes humorous references to the cross-dressing nature of English Renaissance theater and convivially asks the actors to offer a "passionate speech" (2.
The 2013 Film & History conference will take place in Madison, WI, in November (20-24), giving participants a rich opportunity to engage further, and more convivially, in scholarly pursuits.
Under Luck's benign stewardship, the programme passes by quite convivially.
This is because last week I was one of a large gathering of anglers convivially discussing their fisheries and their personal exploits while fishing this season - and each seemed fully engrossed in another angler's story.
The evening began convivially with a glass of prosecco in the bar before we moved into the restaurant for our starters, a fresh-tasting salmon fishcake coated in crunchy breadcrumbs and served with a trickle of fiery chilli sauce.
The image comes into focus and reveals the scene behind it - a group of three men are drinking and eating convivially.
The 84-year-old monarch, a lifelong racing fan, was enjoying a day at the track in Toronto when Mr Willmot convivially put his arm around her as she inspected the horses.
According to the American Heritage Dictionary, cafeteria derives from the idea of a coffeehouse, in which people gather convivially to take food and drink together, an old notion that speaks to moderns.
In a minute the carpenter, Burl or Allen, looked up and saw me and then, convivially, he motioned for me to come in, like a host, indicating the tattered breakfast.
Her husband dropped her off on occasion on his way to the university library, and he would get convivially baked before work, but then check the rolling brown and beige beads of the seat cover for seeds in a minor paranoiac attack.