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Verb1.cooccur with - go or occur together; "The word 'hot' tends to cooccur with 'cold'"
accompany, attach to, come with, go with - be present or associated with an event or entity; "French fries come with the hamburger"; "heart attacks are accompanied by distruction of heart tissue"; "fish usually goes with white wine"; "this kind of vein accompanies certain arteries"
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The investment cooccur with the appointment of former Lloyds Chairman Max Taylor as chairman, and Sean Dalton of Armour as a non-executive director to the board of Cobalt.
On the one hand, their stem alternant that directly precedes -ik cannot cooccur with the imperative morpheme, e.
This is partly because WH phrases are indefinite DPS and following the discussion above about the association of OMs and definiteness and specificity, it is to be expected that the OM cannot cooccur with WH words in the same clause in this language.
Auditory conditions that were not investigated in this study, hyperacusis and phonophobia, occasionally cooccur with tinnitus.
Gibbs and Matlock (2001), for instance, have shown how different senses of the English verb make cooccur with particular syntactic frames.
Of the taxa that geographically cooccur with filovirus disease occurrences (Tables 1-3), variable numbers have been tested (Appendix online; available from http://www.
According to Van Valin and LaPolla (1997: 234), some of those syntactic patterns can cooccur with specific focus structure patterns, as is the case with WH-words in the precore slot (2) or clefting constructions; this can be illustrated by the following examples, where the constituents in focus appear in capital letters:
One example is to try to identify those negative terms that cooccur with significant positive terms, and are thus likely to occur in nonrelevant documents that would otherwise be retrieved high in the ranking without such negative weights.
Joseph Biederman, chief of the Joint Program in Pediatrics and Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital, depression, anxiety, conduct, and oppositional disorders are the most common disorders that cooccur with ADHD (Biederman, Jensen, & Wilens, 1995).
Overall, these results imply that this mutualism is structured geographically, such that each plant tends to cooccur with bacteria that confer particularly high mutualistic benefits to that plant.
There is also an interrogative mood suffix -sa that cooccurs with indicative person endings and does not cooccur with tense marking.