cooking oil

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: oil - any of numerous vegetable oils used in cookingcooking oil - any of numerous vegetable oils used in cooking
vegetable oil, oil - any of a group of liquid edible fats that are obtained from plants
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Cooking Oil Soya Supreme Brand, Dalda food Cooking Oil, Mezan brand, Olivola Brand, Barkat brand, Habib Brand, Pure brand and Conala Oil, Eva brand, banaspati, Eva brand, banaspati Naz brand, banaspati Shama brand, banaspati Pure brand, banaspati Andaz.
Cooking Oil Soya Supreme Brand, Dalda food Cooking Oil, Mezan brand, Olivola Brand, barkat brand, Habib Brand, pure brand and Conala oil Eva brand, banaspati, Eva brand, banaspatiNaz brand, banaspatiShama brand, banaspati pure brand, banaspatiandaz.
Summary: A large fire that erupted in a cooking oil factory in Mkalles Wednesday reignited overnight and was still raging over 15 hours later.
Summary: Emirate to open new recycling facility by year-end and also introduce technologies to convert used cooking oil into biofuel
A facility to recycle used cooking oil and transform it into bio-fuel will be among the biggest waste treatment projects that will be established in Abu Dhabi this year.
KARACHI -- The licences of 10 non-conforming brands of banaspati and cooking oil products were suspended by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority.
Areej Cooking Oil from Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives won the Oman's Most Trusted Brand Award 2017 in food products category at a ceremony recently hosted by Apex Press and Publishing.
RAWALPINDI -- Punjab Food Authority (PFA) in a recent crackdown has recovered more than two thousand liters of substandard and unhygienic cooking oil and sealed two factories here on Tuesday.
Bratislava-based refiner Slovnaft is continuing to collect used cooking oil.
A plant that could produce biofuel that would cost no more than P16 per liter has been opened here on Friday, raising hopes, too, for a stop to the dumping of used cooking oil into the city's rivers and canals.
According to the report from PCSIR, the following cooking oil, banaspati and ghee products were deemed harmful to health and will be removed from shelves immediately: Zaiqa Banaspati, Evian Flower Oil, Mujahid Banaspati, Kisan Sunflower Oil, Kausar Banaspati, Gaye Banaspati, Savera Banaspati, Seasons Banaspati, Commander Banaspati, Sultan Banaspati, Salvi Banaspati, Shahtaj Banaspati, Sehr Banaspati, Sehr Cooking Oil, Amber Banaspati, Pure Oil Premier Banaspati, Yadgar Banaspati, Darja-e-Awal Banaspati, Darja-e-Awal Cooking Oil, Asia Banaspati, Shahbaz Banaspati, Care Banaspati, Latif Banaspati, Hafeez Banaspati, Taza Banaspati, Dua Banaspati.
2 For a common man consuming 1800 kcal/day, daily fat intake should be 40-60 grams/day with approximately 20-30 gram from cooking oil (visible fat).