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A flat cooking surface making up the top of a stove or built into a countertop, usually having electric heating elements covered by a sheet of glass.


(Cookery) US a flat unit for cooking in saucepans or the top part of a stove



a cooking surface consisting of a flat sheet of heat-transmitting glass and ceramic material over heating elements, usu. electric.


[ˈkʊktɒp] n (mainly US)plaque f de cuisson
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The catch is that once I bring up the pressure, I have to remove the cooker to a conventional stove because this cooktop does not have a Watt setting that will hold the pressure where I need it.
Amenities Modular components that turn into a queen bed, dinette, storage space, pullout refrigerator and freezer, two-burner cooktop, outdoor seating, and solar-heated exterior shower; shatterproof glass; light fiberglass shell
3| The Wolf induction cooktop ($1,295-$2,795) is all about performance.
de as of November 22, 2016, The winning design OnLines in a kitchen environment Photo: SCHOTT AG, The winning design OnLines in a kitchen environment Photo: SCHOTT AG Must cooktop panels always be black?
One drawback is that it works only with flat metal cookware, although Valdes recalls seeing footage of an induction cooktop shaped to fit the curved bottom of a wok.
The hood fell onto the cooktop and then down onto my shoeless foot.
The KitchenAid Gourmet Aluminum line adds a pop of color to the cooktop with its translucent exterior finish in a choice of cherry and electric blue.
The new Miele Design Center also contains an island with a collection of Miele dishwashers as well as a live induction cooktop with 4 heating elements and 4 cooking zones.
Ideally they will have at least 6-12 inches on either side of the cooktop.
As a bronze sponsor of the prestigious event, Electrolux Professional had a chance to showcase its mini combi-oven and Libero Point 3 cooktop.
I would love to have a complete line of their cooktop appliances for my kitchen -- perhaps the next renovation
If you are cooking at home, 70 to 80 percent of your meals are on the cooktop," he said.