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A flat cooking surface making up the top of a stove or built into a countertop, usually having electric heating elements covered by a sheet of glass.


(Cookery) US a flat unit for cooking in saucepans or the top part of a stove



a cooking surface consisting of a flat sheet of heat-transmitting glass and ceramic material over heating elements, usu. electric.


[ˈkʊktɒp] n (mainly US)plaque f de cuisson
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Since smooth cooktops vary in their stability for canning, the most sensible plan is to follow the manufacturer's advice.
Keep your kitchen fresh and modern with these new finds, from high-tech cooktops to sexy metallic barware.
A website says the induction stove doesn't use traditional radiant heat, and heat food and liquids more quickly than traditional cooktops.
The thermometer that gauges the water bath connects to induction cooktops, which can adjust the temperature.
With classic, straight sides and tempered glass lids, the aluminum line has even-heating construction and includes a magnetic stainless-steel base for use on all cooktops, including induction.
There are also a wide variety of cooktops and ovens, such as the Chef Series, Europa style, and Classic Master Chef Wall Ovens, as well as steam and speed oven options.
Accessible cooktops and ovens make the kitchen experience fun and creative.
Meanwhile, Elctrolux"s self-ventilating Libero Point 3 is a mobile, self-ventilated counter that can hold up to three Libero cooktops while removing odors and steam when cooking in front of customers.
Magnetic induction cooktops are the most popular type of cooktop in Europe--and with good reason.
They should make the best since they are the leaders overseas in built-in induction cooktops.
The Italian appliance brand unveiled its new line of ranges, cooktops and ventilation hoods at the Kitchen/ Bath Industry Show & Conference here last week.
Because burner boxes require ventilation clearance to allow the coils to stay cool, many induction cooktops still cannot be installed over built-in ovens.